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Opinions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chuck, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Ok thanks to the guy that hit me with his car I can now only ride scooters ( hey at least it's still 2 wheels ) I think that my jacket is a little overkill to be wearing on a scoot so I was looking at buying another jacket but something a little more subtle , either another leather jacket ( that doesn't make me look like a power ranger ) or the Draggin jeans urban camo jacket ,remember the scoot only goes 65 top.
    I would like everyone opinion please

  2. i think a textile jacket and draggins
    well for a scooter anyways.. :grin:
  3. just remember there are still low key leather jackets avaliable... a whack from a car can still send you to {00}kms if they hit you and ur sliding along the ground. :eek:hno:
  4. After sliding down a road in draggin jeans and "cordova" jacket, the jacket was ripped to shreds, the jeans had just a scratch on a seam.

    I reckon youll be right in the dragins jacket, esp if you buy over the web, as they supply back and elbow/forearm armour free.

    I just invested in a draggins lightweight jacket for summer commuting, if it's half as good as the jeans (don't see why not) then it'll be good enough.

    Are you a scooter rider for life now? or just a temp thing cos of no bike after the off? Just asking cos there are some pretty damn quick scooters out there, friend has a 650 Suzuki "burgman" (aka "iceburg"), his wife has the 250 version (aka "ingrid burgman"). Only thing that holds the 650 back is the small wheels on rough roads.

  5. Yep sccots and that's it the leg isn't what it used to be anymore
  6. Bugger... :(

    But goodonya for getting back onto two wheels :applause:

    When your ready for more capacity, check out the Suzuki Burgmans' and similar bigger scooters. I watched the guy burn off a sports bike at the lights once, cos the smartarse was making derogatory comments about the scooter.

    It has a button on the left bar that lets you hold it in the current gear, just wind on the throttle and hold it in 1st till it screams, then let it change up , hold the button again.... Vtwin 650 + Auto-go-magic box + holding it in gear + small wheels = one very stunned and embarrassed gobbo bike rider :rofl:

    Plus the bloody think has more boot space than 2 dozen Acrosses :shock: :LOL:

  7. Hey,
    Here is a look that would get noticed.
    A cammo bike jacket,
    Artic or Urban style,
    head to toe cammo and black GP army boots,
    will get the tin tops to notice you.
  8. Yeah I'm looking at getting one when the insurance pays out , the price is pretty good , and I've had a good look over one at my local Suzuki dealer very nice , great tourer . Bonus is you could fit a couple of the kids under the seat . :LOL: