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opinions please?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 4evafit, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. what up guyz. im on my p's and ive been on it for 3 months. i got 6 months to go for my blacks. but i was thinking of buying a zx9r that i really like. is this a good idea and whats the penalty for riding a bigger bike? i was thinking to get a standard muffler on it so it doesn't sound to loud, and the cops wont look at me. im not the kind of guy how speeds everytime he jumps on a bike. i like to crusie. i have a gs500f at the moment and im looking to sale it and get a zx9r. opinions?

  2. Wait 6 months. Not worth it.

    One day you'll be doing nothing wrong, get pulled into a booze bus for an RBT and they'll bust you.

  3. pretty sure there is a search button up the top. Also I can guarantee a stock exhaust on a zx9 will make you invisible to police
  4. im putting zzr250 stickers on it and i dont ride much only once or twice a week. half the cops dont know **** all about bikes. i havent been stopped for a rbt for over 2 years now. and if i do get busted i will make it out like i dont know. i'll tell them im a new rider and i bought it of a guy that said it was learner legal. i'll have my p plate on and everything. im sure thay will let me off. and thats if i get stopped. cops are targeting r1, gixxers and zx10r's at the moment what do thay want with a inoccent dude on a zx9r that looks like nothing and has a gear rack and stuff. dont know guys but i really want this bike its cheap as chips.
  5. No offence, but cops aren't as stupid as you think and putting zzr250 stickers on it will shoot down any possibility of playing the ignorance card. It's like putting a Hyundai badge on a Ferrari. The cops won't care what you have to say, they've heard it all before. They'll just look at you and shake their heads.
  6. dont do it, 1. ur not insured, 2. loss of license to me = my jobs gone too.. dunno if that applies to you as well, but even still..

    dont do it, just wait, another great deal will come around, just be patient
  7. True, cops in general may not be able to distinguish a LAMS and non-LAMS bike, which is why they check your licence and rego. If you get busted, the cops will not believe for a second you don't know (it's a 900cc for crying out loud), and it won't matter anyway, because the offence is strict liability.

    The big concern is that if you are involved in a collision, all insurance is void, and the magistrate will be more inclined to hold you at fault for the collision. It's just not worth the risk. What if you rear-end a Merc who decides to slam on their brakes without warning? You could spend the next few years paying off the debt.

    Buy the bike, put in the garage, and start it up every week for a few minutes. Ride the GS to destruction so you are prepared for 900cc of fighting fury. :p
  8. its only a $120 fine in Vic.. no points loss :)
  9. buy bike, garage for 6 months then ride legally. everyone wins.

    dont break this law, you may not have the experience to ride a ZX-9 yet and fines would be huge.

    or buy it, and paint it red and put "honda" and "CT-110" stickers all over it. i am sure the cops won't pick up the difference and you can ride now illegally...
  10. If you do it just keep it quiet or dont ask for opinions because everyone will always say dont do it. Quite reasonably so.. thing that scare me is risking TAC cover and having to pay costs to 3rd parties for any damages.

    In the end you weigh up the risks. Its a good way to settle into a big bike though riding it like you want to avoid all attention :p
  11. This must be a troll, no way can I take this seriously.
  12. Ditto on that, somone lock this down would they? I've seen enough of these stupid threads on lawbreaking.
  13. ahh, ok. yeh sure, go for it. You'l be fine. Cops are pretty stupid, arent they.
  14. Do it bro. All the sic bro's ride superbikes!
  15. lol. im not a troll. im sick of my gs500 the fukin thing doesn't move. how about a zzr600 with 250 stickers on it. thay look the same?
  16. ZZR250 stickers? lol that made my morning. good on you champ
  17. Don't do it. I bought my 675 early and it cost me 10 points and about 800 bucks in fines. I got pulled up on the F3 by a motorcycle cop. He knew EXACTLY what my bike was. Don't think that they are stupid. If you hit a car or somebody else you are going to be in a world of pain my friend. Insurance in any form is non existant. Good luck funding someone else's hospital time.
  18. Oh, and if cops are so stupid, then they wouldn't be ablle to tell the difference between a ZX-10R and a ZX-9R would they? So then they WOULD be targetting you.
  19. You're underestimating police there. Plenty of the times I've been pulled over its been someone who rides. And you'd be ignorant to think they haven't heard your excuse before.

    The main issue is that riding a bike you're not licensed for is no different to riding without a license. So insurance doesn't cover you, or anyone/anything you hit.

    What precisely makes you so special that you can't wait the restriction period like everyone else? Just wait it out, dont let your selfishness potentially screw otheres over in the event you damage them or their property.
  20. I reckon trade the GS on an RVF400 and ride that for 6 months...

    Will be a better intermediate step up to the zx9 (double the power to weight of the GS), legal and handles like a sportsbike.