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Opinions please - Newbie listening to music

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sugarnspice, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. This may seem like an odd question, but I'd just like people's opinions on a new rider listening to music on the bike. I am quite tense at times on the bike and find it difficult to relax, I'm not sure if I'd find listening to music via an ipod relaxing or distracting. I know I could just give it a go and see how it goes, but I'd appreciate to see what others think.

  2. Re: Opinions please

    I find it relaxing and not distracting, and have listened to music from day dot.

    However, not everyone agrees, and you will find it can be an individual reaction. You may find you are distracted by it.

    BTW, there are probably already a zillion threads on NR about this, so put your flame suit on now. :)
  3. Re: Opinions please

    But she's a chickybabe so it's all good. :)

    I'm gonna attempt to listen to music while I ride one day, when there isn't much traffic.
  4. Re: Opinions please

    I personally find it distracting. I tried riding with it, but I find I can't enjoy the music enough (I'm a fairly in-depth mucisian) so some of my concentration is spent actually listening and tryhing to enjoy to the music rather than riding... And I feel unsafe doing that, so I don't. I'm not very good with background music... I'm always trying to recognise things and work it out.

    Although - that being said, if I was going on a long touring trip I would probably have some music as riding at a constant speed for hours will no doubt get boring...
  5. I recently got a portable digital radio. I listen to abc melb now or audio books. Works around macedon, although I haven't gotten to far out west or east. I find it moderating the exhaust and wind noise, and leaves me a bit more refreshed than going without. And it's more entertaining than ear plugs.
  6. Re: Opinions please

    Why are you tense (Traffic/Weather/Cager Randomness/Body Position)? I think you should probably try and find out why before you look at a way to 'calm' yourself. You should feel totally comfortable on the bike before you start adding 'distractions'. IMO.

    I personally put on the iPod if I'm out for more that 2 hours. I'm not one of those people that really focuses on the music anyway. I've always had it as background noise. Ask me about lyrics and I couldn't tell you what they're about. lol.
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  7. I don't see any problems riding with music, I do it pretty much all the time. I find it some what relaxing, depending on what is playing.
  8. If im not riding hard enough , My brain switches on a tune - Lately its been Sonny Landreth Zydeco shuffle ,i ride around to the most amazing slide blues guitar. i need no headphones
  9. Do you wear earplugs? Maybe the tensing is due to wind noise that can be unsettling at higher speeds - especially when you're learning.
  10. I wouldn't recommend it for a newbie. Even as an experienced rider I tend to find it distracting so I don't do it much although I accept that others don't find it a problem.

    But I don't think it's a great idea until all the survival habits are firmly ingrained.
  11. As a newbie, I wouldn't recommend it. Wait until the basics are coming naturally to you before plugging in the music.
  12. i've ridden with my ipod playing from around 2 weeks into getting my l's up until now.

    it's a personal choice which you have to decide yourself if it's safe and your still capable of riding competently whilst listening to music - perhap's trying it in a low traffic flow situation for a half-hour might give you an idea if listening to music is for you or not....if you find yourself struggling to hear traffic and freaking out even the slightest because you can't hear the bike...or being suprised by car's coming from side street's where you normally wouldn't...i think it'd be wise to give the music a miss....at the least for a couple month's until your more confident and feel you can do so without it putting yourself in danger
  13. Get some good in-ear phones if you're going to do it. It helps block out the noise so you don't end up blowing your drums off just to hear the tune.

    I use it on long rides, but when I get to the twisties I take them off/turn them off. That way I can hear what the engine is doing and keep my eyes on the road.

    I find it also keeps me calm in traffic making me happy to sit behind rows of cars like a good boy.

    But always keep your eyes open and be paranoid about those damn cagers! Cos they like taking each other out as well.
  14. another headphone-rider here, but i also agree you should get the visual element down pat before you eliminate your other key bike sense.
    definitely recommend earplugs. i've got a whole carton, i'm sure i can spare some for ya, but you have to come get them
  15. Re: Opinions please

    Lol that's a bit rich. :p

    But yeah I'm the same. It's like how people suggest again and again putting on calm music to help me sleep. Perhaps some classical. So on goes Beethoven and I lie there figuring out the intervals and rhythm and getting all excited with the crescendos and blah blah blah blahhhh. And don't even get me started when an awesome modulation occurs! There is no winning I tells ya! :nopity: (get it, IT'S MUSICAL, he's playing a violin. Actually I think he's a huge guy who can hold a cello under his chin and play; there's no chin rest! Not to mention the lack of arm. GOOD GOD.)
  16. I prefer to listen to my bike. The exhaust note, the tyres subtle tell tale sounds of grip, the engine intake, cars around me, and the word, wind.
    I've got no spare time for tunes. Do you?

    EDIT: Always good earplugs though
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  17. Not audio books, or anything that requires you to invest brain juice in recognising sounds as speech and comprehending meanings of words,grammar,tones,inflection etc.

    But music if low and if you can keep it as 'background' music, it can likely still effect your emotions, so don't listen to Flight of the valkyre in traffic. Or you may end up pulling a ghostrider.
  18. IMHO, if you are a new rider, you should not be listening to music. It probably won't cause you to make any mistakes but it will get in the way of your learning.
  19. Thank you all for your replies. You have reinforced my initial thoughts, no music yet!
    I am tense because I just don't trust myself. It's a head thing, I need to start accepting that my body knows how to ride this bike and I just have to trust it and not think so hard about it. I am just getting out there every opportunity I can and plodding away. I do find though that at some stage during every ride my head starts telling me 'I can't do this' and thats what I was hoping the music would take away. I have found after a long days ride I feel a lot more relaxed on the bike. It is just time and perseverance now.
    I really appreciate your thoughts though, as I said, it helps me make up my mind.
  20. For me, i rarely listen to music, mostly because i can never really get the headphones comfortable in my ears with the helmet on.

    But the other reason is because its very useful to be able to hear whats going on, personally i wouldnt use music on metropoliton roads or on winding roads, its very useful to be able to hear things and know what is up with out taking your eyes off the road. Highways, deserted country roads (i.e. ones where people are not going to mid corner overtake you) work well for ipod.

    Get good headphones, ones that seal your ear canal at least.
    I cannot stress that enough, riding bikes WILL kill your hearing over time, you dont need to speed up the process by blasting music directly down your ear canal on top of the 130db of wind noise your already copping.