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Opinions on Windows 7

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stewy, May 6, 2009.

  1. Ok so i know we have a lot of computer savvy people here, so surely someone has now had a crack at the new windows 7, whats your opinion.....fark i hope it's better then vista

  2. I haven’t really flogged it yet, but my initial view is that it is the OS Vista Should have been.
    But I’ll stick with XP for actually getting things done.
  3. I've been running the beta on and off for a while, and it was heaps better than Vista.

    Downloaded the RC last night, and it seems to be even more polished.. :cool: Definitely requires less grunt to run than Vista does.
  4. (pointless post disclaimer)
    Ubuntu, you know you want to :p
  5. Ubuntu - it's what sexy people use.
  6. Just to please Hornet....

    Get a Mac.
  7. It would seem that you posted before you finished typing, so I interpuretted what was next
  8. I might throw it on my daughter's laptop, which has always struggled with Vista. Will report back...
  9. never have i been so keen to go out and buy another os system as i am atm.....surely anything will be better then vista
  10. I'm keen to try the netbook edition whenever it comes out.

    otherwise, ubuntu...
  11. Anyone know what happens once the RC times out at the end of this year? Can you revert to Vista or do you have to buy 7? I don't have install media for Vista since it came OEM...
  12. I do some work for a gov dept, who gave me a copy of the beta with a key. Ie : It updates properly etc.

    Its flawless. Runs better than xp did. Booted up from cold and installed from blank disc with

    2x1 TB drives in a RAID array - SATA
    1x500gb drive SATA
    2x DVD drives - SATA

    4870 graphics card (el pimp).
    Soundblaster sound card

    It booted and installed flawlessely. To anyone who's tried to install windows on a RAID array from a blank hard drive, they know how much of a biatch it is. Windows never used to recognise most raid controllers, you'd have to use a floppy fkn boot disc, or modify the original XP image to include the right drivers.

    Windows 7 downloaded updates for *all* drivers, including monitor etc, flawlessly.

    It. Just. Works.

    Honestly it's the FIRST windows product i'd happily go out and pay retail for, and thats from a guy that doesnt traditionally consider buying any software.

    Some amazingly simple but handy features too, such as....

    Got a widescreen? Drag a window to either edge and watch it immediately maximise to exactly half the screen width. Handy, because thats about the size of a normal browser window on my computer, so its just like having dual screen on a single panel. Setup two widescreens and your laughing.

    Only downside is their ballsack attempt at "True" xp virtualisation. You can read up about it, basically xp programs will run, but without support for your peripherals (like graphics cards, anyone?). Running programs in "Compatability mode" within vista is a different story, most programs that dont quite like windows 7 are fine when you enable compatability options.

    10x thumbs up. So far. Its still a beta, they still have plenty of time to bloat it and fcuk it all up.

    Any questions?
  13. It will reboot every 2hrs and then expire.

    RC isn't really a Beta. It's more or less the version that will hit the shops and the last time that any major revisions will be made.
  14. Ah cool, thanks. I think I'll probably still go ahead - a year is a year, and then I'll but whatever version (almost certainly 7) and have the media if I need to reinstall.
  15. So pretty much like Vista then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I wrote that originally and then deleted it...to be fair, I had no problems with Vista and the people who did seemed to be based around performance.
  17. +1 Fast, free, stable
  18. +1 Ubuntu.
    Install 9.04 and manually partition to take advantage of ext4 if you feel like living fast and dangerous, the speed is awesome.
  19. Yeah, I have a little old box here with ubuntu acting as a proxy for all my day job woes :p
  20. Currently d/ling Windoze 7. As a sidelight, we just got ADSL2+ here and I luurve it: about 5-10 minutes in and I've already d/led 11% of the 2.36 GB iso.