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Opinions on this budget enduro body armour suit?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I'm a believer in the theory that you can get a quality product at a budget price, because half the time with the bigger brand items you are mostly paying for the brand.
    Anyway, I found this budget motorcross body armour suit on ebay:
    What do you dirt bike nuts think? To me it looks pretty good, it has torso, shoulder and elbow protection all in one unit, the price point is very attractive and the seller has provided an adequate description of the product, which is often very sparse with budget gear.
    I'm not getting el cheapo knee guards, all of those are shit. I'm looking at getting these fox titans: http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Fox-Titan-Race-Knee-Guard.html

    I'm also looking for a dirt bike helmet with a visor - basically something I can wear in nice weather to ride the bike to the trail and not worry about having to carry another helmet, but that has a visor and is australian standards approved. I could live with wearing goggles with a full-blown dirt bike helmet, but it would have to be australian standards approved so I can use it on the road and on public dirt trails. I have a zeus dual sport helmet which looks pretty cool, but it's more of a road-biased helmet and I find I get pretty hot and sweaty wearing it on the trail. I really want a dirt bike helmet with a visor so I don't have to piss around with goggles, but again it has to be Australian standards approved.
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  3. meh, not that cheap....
    paid $40 more for mine, better off spending the extra and having that peice of mind that it will work.......
  4. Have you tried here Kernal. I've bought a couple of Fox Titan full armour suits for my sons (one 10 yrs the other 22 - so completely different sizes) and I paid half what they're listed on bikebiz and ps for. Sometimes you have to wait until they've got a sale on (happens frequently) and you can pick up some really good stuff. Boys are really happy with them and they fit well. Hope that helps.
  5. Also, their stock fluctuates. So they may not have a mens size in the fox armour this week, but by next week they might. You have to keep looking. Cheers.
  6. nice find meags.
    that store has everything i've ever wanted ever :beer:
  7. and cheap !

    omg i must have that hat !
    i love hats
  8. You'll have to enlighten me - what hat?
  9. Hmmmm....is there any more pics around of it?

    We've tested a few road bike back protectors AND dirt related body armour - biggest tip I've found with the cheaper stuff - check the under side (the part that makes contact with your back) for the press studs used to clip it all together.

    On some brands the studs come right through rather than being blind. Take a serious hit in the back and you'll feel it...(one of our riders had 12 press stud marks on his back after a big off...6x for each side, once we moved the light mesh material we could see them plain as day and I'd never buy one with this arrangement....) Same goes for the Dainese set we used that had a metal, rectangle label - that left an imprint in the riders back...!

    Other than that, comfort is a big factor, anything that has too many straps or not placed correctly will be uncomfy and drive ya mad! ;-)
  10. Thanks for the tips, guys! :)
    MT1... with shipping, even if I put it on the slow boat, I might as well buy from bike biz or torpedo 7 and feel better about buying from an Australian business.
    Thanks for telling me about this website Meags, prices look very good! I see what you mean - this week they only have the fox titan in the youth size, but they do have a sweet looking UFO MTB body armour suit on clearance, but they only have it in too large a size for me.
  11. Im getting rid of my old Dainese armour in the Classifieds which might suit?
  12. & here's the link:


    Sorted. :) Don't buy that cheap shit Kernal, might be fine day to day, but what about when you need to rely on it?

    +1 for Torpedo7, they are great! Good service,good prices, good products.
  13. Oh shit, that looks pretty good.
  14. should be fine, i paid $200 for an o'neal but the velcro is shit,
    the cheapo is probably the same quality or better,

    you should try it on first though if you can
  15. G'day, still looking for armour?
    Do you know what size you are?

    I have a BRAND NEW UNUSED Large Dainese safety suit I am selling for $200.

    PM me if you're interested I have it advertised elsewhere.
  16. i bought a suit from pablos very cheap as it was NOS
  17. Strange that knees are more valuable than back/shoulders/torso....
  18. Kernal I've tried that s3 one it's shit, feels cheap and unsafe. Oneal do a good one for $140ish, just do it properly.

    Also get Oneal Pumpguns, they have a hinge in the knee, really comfy.
  19. I personally wear the EVS G6 Ballistic jersey and it is excellent :D
  20. are you the same christrails as the one OMT did a video?

    bloody famous mate.