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opinions on the ktm superduke

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slowandsteady, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Can't say I've ever really been into the whole naked streetfighter thing but these look like a bit of a weapon. V-twin too!!
    Anyone ever ride one?

  2. opinion........

    SEX on wheels! :grin:

    Get on, get one, get one.....................then let me have a ride :oops: :grin: :LOL:
  3. Ride one and see what you think but they seemed to get caned by the mags for its fuel range and not much else... supposed to be a great bike if you can live with the range...
  4. Show me a litre twin that has a long fuel range :grin:
  5. VStrom and my ex Caponord had 22 & 23 litres - long enough for ya :p
  6. Sorry, I left out "good looking" :p
  7. I have a serious, very public and embarrassing stiffy for the SuperDuke. 120-odd horses, proper frame, outstanding brakes and no-stuffin'-about WP suspension.

    A proper, minted hooligan machine.

    I am gagging for a hoot on one, I think it would suit my style of riding right down to the ground.

    But I couldn't describe it any better than Fred Kroft, who wrote this review before buying one and appearing veeeerrrry happy with it ever since, the smug f*cker:
  8. I was soooo going to pass you the keys to the T before your off! Mmmmm, maybe later then!
  9. You're such a tease!
  10. Thanks for pointing my fat lazy arse to the other posting Loz.
    I'm with you in the stiffy dept! Need to get a closer look. I think there's a KTM dealer down Hastings way that might have them....
  11. I had a decent squirt of a Superduke demonstrator a while ago. I'll say right now that it's the only thing I would currently think about chopping in the Speed Trip for. It's just brilliant.
    You can go mental on it like all the publicity tells you (and it really will urge you on :twisted: ) but don't let that put you off - it's also capable of being (almost) sensible if you want it to.
    The ride is firm, but honestly more forgiving than your average race rep. Brakes and steering are excellent. But the whole experience is utterly dominated by that magical, addictive motor.
    There's opinion around that KTM have not got the fuelling right on their first attempt at FI. Maybe that's true of other examples, but not the one I rode - it was perfect. Really perfect. It was on stock pipes (which are plenty loud enough, BTW) but maybe the dealer got it properly sorted on a Power Commander or something. Either way, when I rode it, perfect at every throttle opening. I have no hesitation in saying it squats on every other v-twin out there.
    Dunno about reliability. The 950SM I test rode had a major top end failure while I was on it ( :shock: ) but it's not really the same motor. They're known to run hot at times, but doesn't seem to result in tears AFAIK.
  12. My 5 mins with one:

    motor power spread & usability, from manic crazy stuff to 1kms/hr U-turns on loose gravel, v nice.
    Handling, firm ride but something about it's light weight feel & comparitively small dimesions make you feel like it's a mighy-morphing-MTB.
    Seems built tough, like their Adventure bikes.

    Fuel range - reserve light comes on @ 80kms approx (but aftermarket carbon tank holding 17.5 litres available. '07 mod has bigger tank)
    Exhaust gets real hot under the seat, pinnions beware where you put your hands.
    Fueling with the injection system have been commented on being irratic, but I did not find this. Although I must admit I have not ridden a FI bike that's fuelled better than a modern Ducati.
    Starter motors have been dicky on some earlier ones but you can tell when that will go bad because the starter will sound like its grinding coffee just before it poos itself.
    Price. It's not a jap bike that's for sure. Serviceing costs may be quite 'european' too.


    Because the standard cans sound good, best mod to enhance what it a magnificent package is 1 tooth smaller on the countershaft sprocket ($80??). It'll make town riding easier too.

    As soon as I have sold my lovely 748 (see trading post & BikeSales) I'll be itching for that 2nd demo ride.
  13. Reserve light comes on at 80 KM? That's ric0ckulous. Absolutely useless. Can anyone verify this?
  14. I have two comments about this... one that if you think it "squats" on the new Aprilia Touno/RSV motor then my guess is that you haven't ridden one?!?!? If you have then you should try them with one tooth down on the front cos that makes a hell of a difference and brings the meat in the rev range back down to an acceptable level.
    Now as for the fuelling i took a 990ADV for a ride and a Superduke recently at one of the KTM "try-out" days (not interested in the S-duke but thought what the hey...) and both needed a Power commander or something as just off idle they were the most snatchy bikes i have ever ridden... i used to think my Aprilia was bad until i rode the two KTM's.

    I would suggest checking out the discussions on both www.ktmtalk.com and to a lesser extent on www.advrider.com (remembering that the 990ADV has the same engine as the Superduke). I have been thinking of getting rid of my 04 Aprilia RSV1000R :cry: (anone interested?) to buy an 990ADV or R1200GS so i can take the girlfriend away on trips and do some dirt also.... i really like the KTM but am quite concerned at the reliabilty of the donk and from what i have read the dealers and KTM Aust. are not so interested in assisting customers to fix problems. This is a rather large concern for me because the Rotax built engine in the RSVR is absolutley bullet proof!!

    Anyway i'm sure with some fettling the Superduke would be a good thing but hopefully you may find some in depth info on those web sites to help you make an informed decision.

  15. Oops, meant 80miles = 150-180kms approx b4 reserve lights up. 15litre tank standard.

    Another source:
  16. Superduke is good, but I think the 950SM is the real hotness - its the KTM that brings it to sportsbikes without trying to be one.