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Opinions on the different breeds of Monsters

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Christopher, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Pre-2000 M900

  2. Pre-2000 M800

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  3. Pre-2000 M600

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  4. Pre-2000 M620

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  5. Brand new M696 for an extra $5k

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  1. Finally decided to spring for a Ducati Monster - but only now I'm not sure which one I should get. I've done a fair bit if research but the more I read the more it's doing my head in. So I thought I'd go straight to the source and ask those that are in the know - namely those who have owned them. So here are my preconditions:

    • Stepping up from a 250 that I commute on every day for a year and am frankly totally over it. My riding confidence is high and I'm not afraid of the 900cc's.

      Will primarily commute on this - but I live for the weekend foray around the twisties.

      I was looking at the M696 but ideally would like to keep my budget under 10K.

      Probably wouldnt go for an S2 or S4 just yet - unless someone here can really talk me into it ;)

      Completely confused about the pros and cons of the M600 vs M620 vs M800 and M900 - not to mention the difference between the years. Can anyone advise standout models or models I should keep away from? Whats better: lowers km's or later year?

      Should I just bite the bullet and spring for the M696. Is it worth the extra $5k given the reduced servicing?

    So if anyone can tell me what they thought of their respective monsters I would really appreciate it.

  2. you say you where looking.... have you actualy test ridden any of these bikes yet?, all ducati owners will say its the ducks guts of bikes, i tend to agree with them even though im a yamaha man, take a couple for a test ride and im sure your mind will make that decision for you.

    cheers :)
  3. I've ridden a mates 695 which convinced me I wanted to go for the Monster. I'll probably ride a few of these bikes over the coming week, some aren't that close to me though - I was interested in people's experiences before making a long trip.
  4. Go for one thats fuel injected - nobody seems to do fuel injection as good (and smooth) as Ducati.
    The M900s are kinda old, but a well optioned one in good nick is a goer.
    Little bird told me that the littlest Monster - 600/620/695 - is really smooth & heaps for fun for what it is.
    Remember, all these bikes are aircooled 2-valave engines. A Suzuki SV650 would probably blow the rear-view mirrors off 'em.
    Clutchs are heavy, you better test ride one before you put any money down, stop/start traffic demands alot of clutch work.
    Parts can be pricey, but the desmo valve system is a "joy" to work on, if you like tooling. (I had a Desmoquattro 748 & did the clearences myself, it's hard but rewarding).
  5. To fit in your budget I'd also suggest going for a fuel injected model - probably something like an 04 or early 05 model 620 because you'll find something with lowish k's and get better front brakes (they went to crappy 2 pot calipers late 05 onwards but the earlier models have much better 4 pot brembos up front).

    Also keep in mind that the 695's have an oxygen sensor and generally run too lean due to the euro emissions setup so can run rough and many people have had 'issues' sorting it out - but the 620's have no sensor so are much easier to tune and respond well to upgraded pipes (termi's etc), open airbox/filter and a power commander or DP ecu upgrade (smoother power delivery, better low speed response etc).

    Look for one with lowish k's and service records showing belt changes at the correct intervals as you don't want to have a belt go on one of these.

    Also you might have to factor in a change of front springs/oil as they have a tendancy to be set up too light on the front and tend to dive under brakes (they're designed for 60 kg skinny italian teenagers).

    Hope that helps - if you have more questions let me know - I've got a 620
  6. Chris

    Don't exclude the s2/s4 variants.

    In september last year I bought an immaculate 2001 916cc s4 (liquid cooled 4 valve) with low km (around 6000) for something like your budget. In my view it (along with the s2s and other s4s) is a lot more bike for your buck than the 620s/695s etc. I also think that it is a very "approachable" bike and is not at all any less forgiving than the other options you are considering. I couldn't be happier with it.

    I have spoken to a mate who had the air cooled two valve version and he thought it actually felt punchier than the four valve, but I haven't tried them back to back so I couldn't tell you.

    Anyways, I'm in Brisbane (Carindale area) and if you PM me you are welcome to come 'round and and take a look at it and have a chat about it.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

  7. get a VTR250 and put duke decal's all over it :cool: :p :grin: :LOL:
  8. Personally this one was always one of my favourites - you can't beat the original :LOL:

  9. I forgot to mention a couple other differences between the monster models to look out for - the newer models (I think about 2004 onwards) have a wet clutch and also there was a 'dark' (cheaper) model of the 600/620 which has a 5 speed box instead of 6 and had a single disc brake up front instead of dual
  10. orcs can be tough but don't count out hobgoblins!
  11. True, but you can't beat the true classic models...

  12. I sat on a Monster 696 at one of the launches, and I was impressed with the new layout. Comfortable and well thought out. Low seat height. I think the bike would be a great commuter and would be a ball out in the twisties. It is a little bit cheap in some areas, but I guess that is the compromise.

    I didn't really like the new shorter Trellis frame and aluminium tail frame, but they allowed a seating position that would give you great grip on the wider tank, and hence excellent grip for hanging off the bike.

    I recently rode a Multistrada 620 which has the same air cooled engine as the Monster 620s, and a wet clutch. That little motor pulls really well, and does a great job, even compared to my Multistrada 1000 with dry clutch.

    If I was a filthy rich man, I would probably have a little 696 in the garage next to my Multistrada, just for fun.