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Opinions on Super moto's?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by christrails, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently got my WR450F and I am loving it. I want to know what tyres, rims, brakes etc that I will need for it.

    Takamii has helped alot with his WR build but I don't know what I will need specifically.

    Thanks :)

    Also is there a more road oriented SM that isn't a race bike that is a larger capacity?
  2. for your wr you will need

    a wheel kit - that comes with the spacers
    most likley a smaller rear sprocket so you can get higher top end if you want - google gearing calculators and work out what you want
    rear disk
    front disk
    front caliper relocator
    you may need some 6mm bolts to attach the front and rear disks
    a set of brake pads new sintered front and rear
    magnetic bolt for speedo pick up if the late model one uses that if its a gear driven one you will need a vapour

    best advice

    buy as much as you can from one place in kit form
  3. Alrighty thank you, I think I might go with a 13T front (stock) and then a 48T rear (stock 50T), the website says it will decrease torque as well as increase the top speed at the same amount which is alright I suppose. I will be on 80-100KM/h for 3 and a bit years anyway so top speed wont be to much of an issue.

    Can you recommend me a good place to get it from?
  4. I have a 14t and 48 t and get a theoretical top speed of 160kmph at 8250 rpm
  5. get the rear sprocket from whoever you buy the wheels from

    you are seriously over-thinking this which is clouding your mind
  6. This will mainly be use for commuting and I wont be going 160KPH on the road ;) any time soon, on the dirt on the other hand I will XD
  7. You are kind of an insipiration for me :) You own a WR like me and you own an R1, which I love the new cross plane exhaust sound :D

    What do you do if you don't mind me asking?
  8. www.rhok.com.au
  9. We bought our son a '96 KLR650 for his first bike. It came with 17" rims etc. He loved it. Personally I thought it was a great fun bike, but couldn't ride it for more than an hour without getting numb bum syndrome.

    Oh, one thing you need to aware of is that the speedo may be out with the smaller front rim.
  10. :facepalm: haha whoops!

    When will your gloves be coming out btw?
  11. if using a vapour trailtech you can calibrate it to allow for this
    also set shift points
    overheat warning lights
    trip meters etc
  12. Other than the 17" rims we kept it pretty standard. We knew he'd either 'kill' the bike or only hold on to it until he got his full license, so we didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on it.

    He ended up keeping it, but put the dirt rims back on and only rides it in the bush these days.
  13. supermotos are for non conformist anti establishment types who like to tell the "man" nah neh neh you cant catch me because I can go just about anywhere
  14. what year wr450f are you riding, i have an 06 that i use for both trails and as a motard.

    if you want a more 'road' style motard look at the lc4 engined ktms (625/640/690) and the husqvarna 610's.

    i was lucky and bought a gytr (genuine yamaha) supermoto kit, front and rear wheels, 42t sprocket, 4 piston front caliper, 320mm disc, brembo master cylinder, rear disc and 2 tyres for $1500. the front wheel had the original speedo drive so all i had to do is re-calibrate the speedo. 4.25inch wide rear rim, the wide rear rim slows the turn in too much with street tyres, race tyres are another matter though.

    i ran 15/42 gearing and it would do a bit over 160. aerodynamics are bad on these bikes, i ran the tall gearing just so it wouldnt be revving too hard.

    with the big front brake i could easily get the back wheel off the ground at 150km/h. lots of fun.

    i was actually going to sell the kit so i could put the money towards supermoto racing but i'm getting my road licence back next week and a few mates have motards now so i'm gonna go out and ride responsibly.
  15. impossible on a supermoto
  16. i was walking around the melb cbd yesterday, thinking how easily i could ride my racebike everywhere then get away from the police...

  17. Yeah, ride responsibly on a sumo. That's like saying to a drugo not to take drugs!

    Also its a 2008 WR!

    I was thinking around the 48T mark? or is that to high for the street? I am not looking for high speeds although now that you mention the revs (completely forgot doh) would lower be better for the bike in the long run?
  18. It's not really the telling it to the man thing, it's the fact that I love dirt bikes :) and making one into a daily driver would be sick! nah who am I kidding, I love that its like that! ^

    I do that sometimes, when sitting in traffic thinking I could be shooting past the people haha!