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opinions on running in new bikes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GuttedEwok, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Howdy all.

    I'm picking up my brand spanking new CBR600RR next week. I was wondering about people's opinions as to how you should run in a new bike. I've heard the manufacturer's suggested method is not the way to do it. I've been looking around the net and the average suggestion seems to be to run it pretty hard for 100km or so, without revving too high, then change the oil and oil filter, then to repeat and change again about 500 km. What do y'all think?
  2. I broke my Superduke in using a similar method suggested by the mototuneusa

    When I took my bike in for it's first service, the mechanic reckoned that my bike had
    more grut than any of the other bikes he had serviced.

    I recommend keeping away from city traffic for the first 500km at least. Do country
    riding and LUGG the *&^% out of it. Either off the throttle or full throttle. Go up the
    gears and down the gears-- Nb/ you are breaking in the gearbox as well. ... although
    keep it below the recommended rev limit.

  3. When I broke in the engine on my new motorbike, I did the following things after pilfering the method from an ancient post on this board, as well as the general consensus on running in.

    * Use mineral oil.
    * Don't let it get hot, stay below 105 degrees C
    * Don't let it idle for too long
    * Always warm the engine up first!
    * No wide open throttle
    * Very smooth throttle transitions
    * Do not stay at the same RPM for ANY length of time! Constantly accelerate/decellerate/change gears
    * Don't exceed various rev limits, increasing every 150-200km. From 7500rpm to 10500rpm. (the first and second rpm figures being what were the recommended rpm limits from 0 to 800km according to the manual)

    eg. First 150km up to 7500rpm, second 150km up to 8100rpm, third 150km up to 8700rpm, etc etc etc.

    * Change the oil at 1000km
    * After oil change, ride however I wanted, allowing it to rev freely to redline
    * At 3000km, change to synthetic oil

    I basically just took the bike for a ride over the mountains and countryside where I could do lots of power runs (accelerate over a wide rev range and then decelerate afterwards using engine braking as much as possible) without having to worry about cars running up the back of me while decelerating as such.

    Bike runs great!