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Opinions on replayx cams

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Philzorz, May 21, 2015.

  1. Been looking at getting the replayxd 1080 mini anyone had any experiance with these and can give a review?

  2. also interested in this!
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  3. Fcuking crap!

    Got one as a gift and worked fine for a short period. Upgraded firmware and went to shit (coincidence?) - could never successfully save any video over about 30 sec without it being corrupted, when it decided to actually work without locking up and overheating.
    Sent over to USA for repairs and came back doing the same thing, so in the bin it went.

    On a bighter note, if you do decide to get one I have accessories you may be interested in :)
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  4. Ah thats a shame i really liked the shape and size of it. Thanks for the reply was it possible the problem was with the sd card? Might have to go a contour or a tissue box. I mean gopro.
  5. SD card was fine. Tried the original as well as about three others with no luck. It uses .mov file format which Apple / Quicktime use (I'll go no further there). I believe there have been a few issues with recent (last year?) Quicktime upgrade which causes file to not open / corrupt -codecs or whatever. Even caused perfectly good files to not work.
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  6. Ok well looks like im gonna stay clear of the replay.. thanks for the advice
  7. There's one I just read about somewhere else here from www.bullethd.com.au Check it out.
    No affiliation with them at all.
  8. And I would put how much faith in a web store with no security, and absloutely no contact details?
  9. never heard of this brand.. i might go for a mainstream brand for the time being until i get familiar with recording i guess. Its pretty pricey to take the risk..
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  10. I've got the Replay 720, video quality is fine as is the framerate, but the audio is useless for bikes.

    Just stick to the original and the best, GoPro
  11. I have the replay prime, right from day one it was a dog.
    It works and it does take very good video (Sometimes) but it is not user friendly, turning it on and off is difficult, more so while riding.
    The bluetooth does not work anymore, the video on off switch does not work anymore and the only way it will work is power on and power off.
    Occassionally it will not turn off no matter what I do, so I just unplug it from the bike and let it run flat.
    Sometimes the video is just black from a recoding error and when it records the file sizes are all over the place.
    I would not recomend it to anyone, I will use it until it shits completely, throw it away and buy something else, I Don't know yet what I will replace it with.
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  12. Not yet delivery will be thursday, i will have a play with it and put up a sample video on youtube when i get it so u can check it out. still the cheapest price i seen of that one, this is a video someone else made using this cam only,
    looks pretty good
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  13. Looks pretty dang good!
    Some of those roads like real nice too!
  15. I also have the replay prime, you did upload the update?, you tried the reset?, Techtel Artarmon ( where I bought mine) advised me to disable "auto network switch-on" on phone when Bluetooth did not work. Good luck
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  16. Have had one of these cameras and it has not worked properly from day one.have sent it back to the distributor as the shop I bought it from we're not interested in fixing it it's been at tomcat distributions for over six months now and have herd nothing.i have made several phone calls and emails with no response.Miggt be a good idea to steer clear of it.
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  17. 20150527_135304.
    ok got it mounted time to test it on the way to work will post up a video tomorrow for u bam bam.
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  18. remember to steer clear of cops with that on the helmet!
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