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Opinions on purchasing my first bike :).

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iliketoride, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hello folks,
    Got my L's on Thursday and now looking for my first baby. I think a Spada fits what I want, a naked for about 3-3500. It looks good and everyone seems to say good things about them.

    Would you buy one freshly imported from Japan? Talked to a guy from Caringbah and he said for 3500 I could get one with about 20,000kms, new tyres, fully service and with a three month warranty even though I'm interstate, he made it clear he would pay for any repair costs if any problems eventuated in the first three months.

    Sounds good right? I'm hoping to commit next week so any opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!! I'll be buying sight unseen so I'll request photos from every angle and most probably an inspection.



  2. Sounds alright - but I would ask him if he can change the tyres from the Dunlop Arrowmax that they're sure to come with to the Pirelli Sport Demons.

    I'd also consider buying privately.

    The spada that I bought as my first bike had been purchased by the previous owner from Scotts (also in Sydney) straight outta Japan. 99% of spadas are imported from Japan.

    Have fun, and I can personally recommend these guys for an inspection http://home.exetel.com.au/mis/ They did one for me on my spada, and helped negotiate the price down some too.
    Spadas are great but make sure the engine is 'quiet' as if mistreated they can suffer top-end problems. Other than that, it needs a routine inspection to make sure it isn't a crashed/poorly repaired bike. Almost all greys are repaired crashed bikes (hence the lovely replica paint schemes) so make sure you are comfortable with what you're buying.
  4. always best to have a look at the bike or organise your OWN inspection, ie dont let the seller organise the inspection. just to cover your ass. if you assume everyone will rip you off you should get a good deal
  5. WOW! "Almost ALL greys are repaired crash bikes"? Any one else back this up?

    I will get an inspection no doubt, plus it will ensure that out of the 24 Spadas they have just imorted, they will feel the pressure to make sure I have a good one :)

    Anyone live near Caringbah moto that would like to take a Spada for a hoon to check its top end and decide whether it's been banged up???


  6. Seen this claim before but never with anything to back it up. Most grey imports are usually around 15 years old though - think you'll find a lot of bikes that age will have probably been chucked down the road or dropped at some point. Only way you could ever be really sure you're not buying a bike that's been repaired at some point would be to buy new - but then there's a good chance you might chance drop or crash it yourself anyway.
  7. No they aren't.

    Check the offical japanese auctions to see what's up for offer. There are almost zip in the range of crashed/damaged bikes.

    It's actually strange, as for cars you can normally get a copy of the original japanese auction report, but for bikes you don't. Think it's because most of the greys are targetted at the learner market.
  8. Great info guys.... I have no problem with a bike thats been dropped, but a bike that was a mangled twisted heap of metal that has been straightened up is not my cup of tea for sure!

    ps- The offer is still there for anyone who wants to test ride and look at bikes AND get paid for it ;)