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Opinions on Nolan N84 Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pedro78, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Im looking at getting a Nolan N84 and am after opinions form people who have one.
    I like the idea of being able to flip the 2nd tinted visor up or down as required however at the same time am wondering how effective or ineffective it actually is when out on the road.
    Ive seen some comments stating that the clear visor gets scratched because of the 2nd tinted visor is that true?
    If you have the Chin curtain on but arnt using the anti-fog insert do they have a tendancy to fog up?
    I havent been able to find many reviews so any opinions would be appreciated.

  2. I have one. Not a big fan of it.

    There's lots of wind noise.

    The 2nd visor scratches the clear one. Only on the sides so it doesn't affect vision.

    The tint thing sucks, not very good when looking into the sun at dusk.

    It doesn't flip all the way up, so if your crouched down the tip of the tinted visor ruins your field of vision.

    If you have the tinted visor up once you hit 200+ on the race track it snaps it shut, sucks when you've got T1 coming up and all of a sudden you have to adjust to a tinted visor coming out of nowhere.

    As soon as I can afford one I'll be buying a quality shoei and sending the Nolan to pillion town.
  3. Having felt one in shops, it also *Feels* like a cheap piece of shite next to a shoei (which is, admittedly, double / 3x the price)...i'm hoping to have a look at the new zues helmets soon, which have an integrated flip down visor in the helmet (not outside). also, the Shark "evoline" series seems to be another option.

    As is buying a set of $7 safety glasses in ripoff oakley stlying from your local hardware store.
  4. Someone i know got one of the new new Zeus 3000A helmets with the integrated visor last week. Actually not a bad looking helmet but i dont really want a flip face helmet hence why i was leaning towards the Nolan N84.
    The only thing he can folt with the Zeus so far is that it seems to fog up fairly easily.
  5. My 2c.
    I have a N84 also. Very comfortable for me. I find it does get a bit of wind noise at highway speeds when the tinted half of the visor is up, put it down and noise stops. I've only found the noise a problem at 110km/+. Idea of the half tinted visor works fine. Mine doesn't scratch the clear visor at all. Saves having to worry about putting sunnies on and taking them off as dusk approaches, or if it gets cloudy. I've usually got headphones in and music playing when I'm on the highway so the noise becomes a non issue either way. I'm happy with mine. I have a Shark as a spare for pillions and the Nolan is much better than that.
  6. They claim that the N84 is equipped with a weather trim, which runs around the eye port and provides a perfect seal, therefore preventing harmful air or water infiltration.
    Can you confirm whether this works as claimed.
    One of the reasons im looking to replace my old KBC is because it doesnt have a chin curtain and the visor doesnt seal very well so it lets alot of cold air in which certainly isnt a good thing with the colder months approaching.
  7. I've never had problem with water getting/seeping in when the visor is closed, and I've ridden in some pretty poor weather for an extended period. I don't have the anti fog insert in and I have few problems with it fogging up. However I'm in Wollongnog and it doesn't get that cold of a morning. If I lived in cooler climes I'd probably fit the insert.

    The chin curtain (which actually goes across the bridge of your nose) does a great job of preventing your breath fogging the visor.

    I don't agree with "feels cheap" comment earlier, but each to their own. My mates who have borrowed my N84 have commented that is seems a good bit of kit. Like all things you get what you pay for. I got mine for just over $300, a $600 Shoei may be better, and so it should be at that price.

  9. I've got one, great helmet. I don't use their up/down mini tinted visor though. I just bought a proper tinted visor and switch between that and the clear as needed.
  10. So would you agree with Burnesy that it is relatively quiet apart from when the 2nd visor is up?
    Also what did you dislike about the 2nd tinted visor that made you remove it completely?
  11. I never even used the 2nd tinted visor. I just bought the full tint when I bought the helmet. I figured during the day, I want full tint, at night I want clear. I know when I need which. Might as well have the full tint. And obviously the full tint looks much cooler during the day ;)
  12. Finally got to try an N84 on today but its not the right shape for my head so will have to look for something else instead.
  13. For a helmet that cost me $299 I'm quite happy with my N84. I ride with the tinted visor down 90% of the time and find it reasonably quiet. Bear in mind that wind noise depends a lot on how well a given helmet fits your head - thus different people can have varying experiences with the same helmet. I thought that I didn't have a Nolan-shaped head, but the N84 fits me like a glove. Only on my head instead of my hand. Like a kind of head-glove, but not so much like a rubber glove streched over the head to look like a rooster.
  14. Yeah, the Nolan is the perfect fit for my head too. Tried everything from $100 to $700 helmets, and this was easily the most comfortable while still tight. My head didn't seem to like shoei, didn't mind KBC, but the Nolan was a tad better fit and comfort and the build quality seems way better. Also the nolan has a much higher safety rating.. was easy enough for me :)
  15. I use the tinted piece in summer only. takes 5 seconds to remove.

    I ride a cruiser, and find that sometimes, the line between tinted/no tinted is a pain.

    But a godsend when you really need it.

    In reality a pair of sunnies inside the helmet is better value.

    The fog insert is required except in summer, and works a treat. Big fan of pinlock inserts, cos they work!.
  16. Ended up buying a Shark RSi
    Out of all the helmets I tried on the Shark seemed to be the best fit for my head.
  17. Cool.

    CBF reading the thred, but FYI to anyone else reading this, there is a short review of the helmet on page 26 of the latest (05/09) Two Wheels Mag. That dude loved the fit and comfort.
  18. My Nolan fits my head my head really well but it gets kinda sweaty on a hot day or after a long ride. :-k