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Opinions on moulded vs adjustable boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by golgy, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Howdy All,

    I'm currently in the middle of the decision making process about buying another pair of boots. I'm quite new to riding and I was sold a pair of Gaerne G-RT Aquatech boots. These are great boots - comfortable to wear both on the bike and off if required. Now - these are the type of boots that are relatively pre-moulded for the calves. Not such a problem - but I'm a bit chicken-legged and there is *plenty* of room to spare. I've not got any complaints with sizing - but I am wondering whether or not it'd be worth it upgrading to something that'd be adjustable so it's a tad more comfortable. I know I also tried on some of the old Alpinestar Supertechs that fit like a glove.

    It's a niggly little annoyance, and the current boots are getting good use, and have heaps of life left in them - what do people think about getting another pair?
  2. Wow. 38 views and *nobody* has an opinion? :p
  3. if you think you will be more comfortable and you can aford it, then do it...

    I have gaerne GR-Ss and they are great, but look somewhat power ranger like, but make my feet feel safe...
  4. are you tucking your leathers into them? think they are race boots and they leave room for this. The alpinestars are adjustable around the calf I think?
  5. Even the entry level Sidi Vertigos are fully adjustable around the calves ... given they are more pricey but, my feet/ankles feel nice'n safe in 'em (really important for this older age novice) and they don't look too "racey" in black :p
  6. I don't have a pair of leather pants - I've got a pair of draggins that go over the top of them. They dont *look* particularly race-like - but that's just my impression. The Alpinestars that I tried on ended up being very snug around my calves, but were also 350$ more..
  7. Yep that's them. The shape of them just doesn't fit my calves perfectly. Trying to decide if getting something I can adjust is a wise idea, or if I should wear these out first.
  8. Nothing wrong with having 2 pairs of boots. I've got a pair of very comfortable touring boots for touring and general riding and race boots for scratching and track stuff. The race boots are sh&t to walk in.
  9. Tuck the Draggins in?
  10. True - Nothing wrong with it, just trying to get a feel if its a stupid idea or not.

    Tried that - Mighty uncomfortable.
  11. How come? Are they then too tight? I get paranoid about having my trousers flapping about (riding up too fast or getting caught if I do have an off) and personally feel safer and more comfortable with them tucked in. I have a pair of Dririder Nordics which are very comfy and only set me back about $160