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Opinions on motorbike air jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Alex1073, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Recently iv seen a few websites that are advertising jackets that once you come off your bike an air bag is released and cushions your fall. Has anyone had one or know much about it?? seems good in theory but does it work?

    this website sells them http://www.hitairaustralia.com/jackets.htm but if they're selling state of the art jackets why is there website so dull :-s

    i know wrong category i didnt think about it till i posted it sorry.
  2. they are slightly annoying to use because you need to attach a tether from your jacket to your bike, which will break if you fall off, releasing the airbag.

    However if you get off and forget to remove the tether, your airbag will deploy and you will look like a knob. Also some jackets are a one time use deal, so that one time you forget could cost you the jacket essentially.

    Imo, not worth it really.
  3. Chris (can't remember his user-name) was wearing one on the Jindabyne ride, he loves it. As a bonus it appeared to be very waterproof :LOL: (for those who remember)
  4. Hope they dont make this composory, probably uncomfortable and costs a small fortune.
  5. From the safety point of view there have been some issues raised.

    They need to deflate fairly quickly on impact to help dissipate the impact force. If they don't then you are likely to bounce and roll down the road without wiping off speed. This means that you'll travel further with an increased chance of hitting something.

    If you fail to seperate from the bike (low side) you've already impacted the ground before it inflates. In addition, the inflation rates are slower than a car airbag and if you hit another vehicle the bag may not inflate in time to protect you from impact.

    It appears where they are most useful is when you highside and spend some time in the air to allow it to inflate before you hit the ground 9or anything else).

    Finally there's the issue of neck injuries, unless the jacket ahs a specific collar (some don't) you will have added travel for your neck and a vastly increased possiblity of serious injury.

    On the other hand, it needs a pretty solid tug (25kg) to inflate it - you aren't likely to give it that just dismounting normally
    I'm not convinced that the technology is quite mature enough yet - Dainese aer moving towards an inbuilt crash sensor which could overcome the inflation issue - it inflates when it senses that the lean angle is extreme or deceleration goes beyond a certain point. Apparently these give good prospects.
  6. Chris hasn't logged in for 6 months now, but he has crash tested his air-bag jackets a couple of times.

    One of his write ups about it is here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=102894
  7. I think the concept has merit but, like TonyE, I'm dubious about the maturity of the technology. Then again, he rides a BMW R65 and I ride a DR650 so we're probably both towards the Luddite end of the scale :D.

    I wouldn't be rushing out to buy one just yet, especially if the extra cost involved was likely to make me compromise on the quality of some other, more proven, piece of gear.

    Spend the extra on training. What you learn will benefit your safety on every ride. An airbag jacket can only be of benefit once.
  8. And a Katana (mind you, it's only got slightly more technology than the R65LS)

    The more I have to do with technology the less inclined I am to be an early adopter...

    But I'd be happy to have an R1000SS, technology and all :)
  9. If racing is good for anything, it ought to be for developing systems like these. I have seen a few instances of top level racers using prototypes of this concept, but I can't say I've seen much publicity of it being widely used yet (possibly because racers often try to re-mount?).
    Technology will no doubt make these things work better, but also make them very expensive.
  10. I have the Rivet.

    No it doesn't go off if you forget the cord.

    Yes it does have the neck brace. The hitair does as well. This is the best feature.

    In the videos that i have seen you don't bounce.

    Yes it might not deploy but then it is just a normal jacket, it does have normal armor as well.

    Mine I don't wear because its too hot generally.
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  11. probably the only one i like is the latest model from spidi.
    just imobolizes your neck. nothing more. and it's fast.

    the hit air stuff is really old tech. they've been trying to flog those things off for years.
    from memory it's just a self inflating life preserver jacket converted for motorcycle use.
  12. I cant help but picture a poor rider bouncing down the road till they squish against a flat wall. Bubble boy ha ha.
    What happens if you hit a car at speed. Do you take off like a footy?
  13. Ohh man you could have some fun with that!!!
    "Aww man, come here, giza hug!!"

    bahaha see ya!
  14. I just wait for the day that the Speed Racer (recentish live action movie version) 'Quick Save' feature becomes reality. The car crashes and the driver is immediately encased in a giant multi-coloured bubble blob that bounces away from the crash. Imagine seeing one of those bouncing down a freeway at 100kmph for a giggle haha
  15. Maybe they should use helium instead of air so you float up and avoid hitting anything. Much safer :D
  16. A jet pack...:) that's gunna save our arse
  17. hahaha such a good idea
  18. Alpine Star's Tech Air system due for release 2015

  19. I'm a skeptic. Still won't protect the thongs and t-shirt brigade unless there is some compulsion about it. then what are you going to protect? legs too? Maybe a Michelin man full body type inflation device. then what happens if one goes off unnecessarily at a critical time when otherwise the rider may have ridden on but inflation actually caused the prang.

    The best guarantor of safety on our roads is skilled road users who are alert, knowledgeable and considerate of others. We've got a long way to go. It will never end as we continuously gain newbies and retain oldies who keep on doing some of the same old bad stuff and never adapt to changes.

    This looks like a brainchild product looking for an application. It is polite to call the product immature. Immature is the attitude that a product is the answer to the problems associated with road safety. This is a band aid and I don't think a very good one.