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Opinions on lanesplitting - April edition of Motor magazine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gromit, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I was browsing through the new edition of Motor this morning, and noticed several letters to the editor about bikes and lanesplitting.

    Seems David Morley wrote a column about the merits of lanesplitting a couple of months ago, and the letters are readers' comments. An interesting illustration of drivers' attitudes...

    One letter's in favour of it, on the basis that it's safer for bikes to be at the front of the queue when the lights turn green.

    The others offer predictable rants about queue-jumping and drivers having to make allowances for the deficiencies of riders' choice of transport (comfort and safety)???!!! :shock: Also some comments on road rage (it seems Morley wrote about removing someone's mirror).

    Probably worth a quick look, if only to remind yourself of what we're dealing with on this issue.
  2. What was the balance of views like? Did the editor mix it up evenly, or is the bias one way or another?

    It reminds me of the angst caused in a 4WD magazine or website where the rockapes were advocating throwing sticks and other objects into riders' wheels, etc.

    And I thought that somewhat ironic given the general attitude towards 4WDs of late. You'd reckon that they'd be aware of their "minority" status and how some feel about their mode of transport without slanging off at other people's choices.

    Also, I would've thought that people who read specialist car mags would maybe have had more empathy for riders. Perhaps not. Maybe they're the same as the general commuting population, but like reading about cars that they wished they could own, perhaps.

    Whatever, we have an image problem, and it's excacerbated by those of us who like to ride on the edge...
  3. There were more letters against than in favour, although some of those were aimed at Morley's "road rage" rather than at riders in general.
  4. An interesting parallel here with cyclists (the pushbike kind). Motorists are always down on pushie riders, but as a motorcyclist I feel a great fraternity with them.

    I hate it when I hear a fellow rider prattling on with the usual cliches: 'let them pay road tax' etc. They face the same problem we do: motorists resent anyone else on their road whether they're slowing them down ('Get outta my way!) or getting past them ('wait your bloody turn!').
  5. Yeah absolutely. But of course the best arguement the cyclists have is that we have bitumened roads becouse of cyclists. THey came into use from about 1880 on to make cycling safer and faster. predates cars.