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Opinions on honda cbr600f4i vs kawasaki z750?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by livingstonest, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Hey all its time to upgrade and i'm seriously considering the cbr600f4i or the z750.

    What i want is something fun to ride especially in the twisties, more road focused and less track focused(meaning more upright riding position and softer suspension), with a nice engine that i'm likely to keep for awhile and not get sick of and want to upgrade, is able to pillion my girlfriend comfortably, is able to go on freeways with pillion for 1-2hrs at a time. I want something for under 8K.

    I've read alot of reviews and they both seem really good. Sat on them and they feel great......but haven't ridden em yet.......will do so.

    I'd appreciate any comments that may help make my decision easier, cheers :)

  2. they're pretty different bikes, one being a naked & the other a sports fairing.

    best way to decide what one is more fun to ride in the twisties is....take one for a ride in the twisties!!

    I prefer the Z 750 but that's cause I like my bikes the way i like my men.
  3. I have the f4i, use it pretty much how you described and have no issues with it, same goes for my pillion as well.

    Plenty of power and is there when you need it but i guess that is up to the individual on how much is enough