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Opinions on choice of new bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hegemony, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I currently ride an '03 ZRX1200S. While it is a magnificent steed in terms of comfort, power delivery etc I find it a little ponderous in the twisties if you try to punt it along very quickly. It is light to handle at low to mid speeds but just gets too heavy.

    I am therefore looking for a new bike. I am drawn to a VTR1000, but am concerned maybe they are not different enough in handling to warrant the change. I have only heard good things about them. I have ridden one for a short 20km ride but it is hard to tell without going country which is a bit difficult. Anyone ridden both these bikes and have an opinion??

    The other option is to buy a full supersport, which I am reluctant to do but I am not sure a Sport bike is enough of a shift. I have looked at the Kawasaki ZX6 '03 model which I also like but would have to modify my riding habits (not ride to work any more etc and just use it for a blast).

    I really want a great handling bike, I like the power but am man enough to admit I use bugger all of the big Kwaka's power so maybe a 636cc would be ok.......

    Anyone else been here?? any advice or points of view??

  2. VTR

    I think the VTR is a great long term bike. The 600's are a bit more nimble, not to say the VTR wont hang, but obviously not as easy to throw around.

    Different power delivery though. I prefer the V-twin for twisties because its easier to roll the throttle on out of a corner in a higher gear and still get power (at any rev range). Just my opinion though.

    Ill definately be getting a VTR again in the near future. Just waiting to see if the 07 will look anything like the concept pics (that are floating around on the net).

  3. The Firestorm will never be as nimble as a new supersport but with a little tweaking they can come close enough to keep us mere mortals happy.
    This requires replacing the stock fork and shock internals with racetech items. Which can be found here
    That said I've ridden with plenty of experienced riders and managed to drop them quite easily on the Firestorm. But come up against someone with similar or better skill levels on a pure sport bike and things get really difficult.
  4. Hedge -

    Recalibrate your brain for a V-twin and buy the Storm. I prefer the SP-1 or SP-2, but everyone I know - EVERYONE - who owns a VTR loves it.

    They just seem to do everything pretty well, and although the suspension maybe could use improving, in competent hands they'll still embarrass riders on more hardcore tackle regularly.

    Just look out for dismal fuel range on the earlier, small-tanked models if you're buying second hand.

  5. Hmm... See I didn't like the VTR1000. I thought it was rattly, thirsty and asthmatic at higher revs.

    The 636, although it has bugger-all torque, will actually be more powerful than either your current bike or the VTR. Certainly needs to be wound up to get the best out of it, but you'd be able to commute on it if you wanted.

    Have you thought about a sportier naked like an Aprilia Tuono, Speed Triple, Super Duke, Hornet 9, FZ1N and the like?
  6. Loz -

    Please don't mention KTM SuperDuke's.

    Not the 990, anyhow. My therapy after the last ride on one was coming along very well, and now the m m m me me mer mention of tthemm hass m m me relappsinggg into g g g giggling fittts and bl blurreed v v vision...

    Why can't I afford one?

  7. OK, I DEFINATELY won't mention the 950 supermoto then. Or the upcoming 990 version.
  8. Hi Russ,

    I ride my 636 to work and have had no problems doing so. It is light, nimble and loves corners!

    My previous bike was a ZZR600 and it took me a little while to adjust to the full sports riding position, but it now feels quite natural. Like anything, it takes a period of adjustment with a new bike.

    Good luck with the bike shopping :)
  9. Loz -

    There's a 990 SuperDuke for sale at Kessner's here in Adelaide for around the 17K mark. Same model I once test rode.

    I ride past the bugger every day and drool.

    They're as ugly as sin, as practical as a chocolate teapot, but I just love 'em. Ca ca can't immm imagine m m my license la la lassting lo lo long if I ever b b bought one, though....

    Here it goes again..

  10. Thought about a Buell?
  11. Thanks for all the input guys.

    Considered a Buell and not interested in them. Considered the nakeds and rode the hornet numerous times but don't like feeling like my head is going to be ripped off for half the journey. They are attractive but not for me.

    I like the VTR cause it would have similar power characteristics to my current bike, but just concerned it wouldn't go far enough towards great handling...hence considering a fullon Supersport of which I prefer the Kwaka 636.

    From your posts I could assume with a few suspension mods the VTR is quite a capable handling animal and I would notice a big difference in flickability to my current steed. I am concerned that the lack of low and mid range with the ZX6R might be annoying but I think the bike would grow on me.

    Anyway thanks muchly....keep the comments coming a little longer...

  12. Well the Triumph Daytona 675 just got named 'TwoWheels' bike of the year for 06.

    Does that interest you?
  13. It interests me greatly but my budget probably ends at somewhere around 11k on the road...might stretch a little for the right bike ..... They sound like an absolute ripper though. I guess I could look at a GSXR750...little more torque but still nimble? Just don't like the older gixxers though...and seem to get a slightly better bike for equivalent money in the Kwaka than the suzuki...

    Thanks for the suggestion though...
  14. hey there. i had a 05 636 ninja and it was a great bike to ride. did not use for commuting so i couldnt help you with that side of things but i guess it would do the job. have you looked into the 1litre sportsbikes. i found my CBR1000 to be a lot more comfy than the kwaka was.
  15. Mmmmm *drool* that is going to be my next toy I do believe... I should be riding around on one in lets say... 8 months :grin:

    Saw one on a ride the other day and I almost had to go tend to my homones in a private toilet or something hahahahaha

    They are sexy bikes, look practical enough and don't cost a fortune. :twisted:
  16. I went through the same excercise about 3 months ago. I know you're leaning toward a sports bike, but if you have time....take a V-Strom for a ride, I promise you'll be very surprised.

    I know what you're thinking, but they're a blast. And they're better in the wyndies than anything I've ever ridden.

    (my 2 cents worth)
  17. If you are considering the VTR, but are concerned about handling, then take the SV1000 for a ride. By all reports it's the better handler and the engine is better too.

    The ride position isn't as toury as it should be, but it's not full on sports either.

    The price is about the same as the vtr, with all the discounts going around. Maybe $500-1000 dearer.