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Opinions on buying GS500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banga, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all!

    It's been a while since I have posted anything on NR, mainly due to the fact that I sold my bike and never getting around to the 'upgrade'.

    Anyway's I am now looking at a Suzuki GS500F (2005 model) as even though I have my full license, my brother doesn't and we are sharing the bike.
    The bike seems to be in good condition and has had some work like new chain, tyres and sprokets. It has however done 70,000kms, the bike is priced accordingly and seems fair.

    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on whether this is too many kms to consider for this type of bike?

    Any help appreciated

    Cheers Banga
  2. The GS will do double that if it has been maintained.
  3. really depends on price.
  4. I am about to offload my 1 year 10000km old GS500F to a dealer, but happy to sell it privately. No doubt the dealer will screw me, but after the time it took to sell my last bike I am not interested in advertising privately.
  5. Thanks for the response.
    The deal fell through as honestly for what he expected for the bike I can purchase the same bike, newer with less k's. So good luck to him.
    I pm'd you TRA.


  6. I know of one going to $6k with 2Mm on the clock. Minor driveway fall damage to the fairing.

    Lowered seat.

    She probably negotiable on price.
  7. Thanks
    ibast, but that is a little out of my budget at present.

    Looking on the cheaper side at present.
  8. They don't tend to devalue much because of the LAMS market
  9. I am chasing $5500 for mine with rego. A fraction over 10000km and is in good nick. I just put 12months qld rego on it. I will be trading tomorrow so if anyone is keen send me a PM. Is a 2009 plated model but I have only owned ot for 12 months.
  10. I may just look into other bikes in that case, I have my full license and was hoping to get the GS500F, but if I can't find anything in my budget then i'll just move to a different bike
  11. Would love to give it to you for less Banga, but that already the cheapest gs500f at that age you will find. I reckon the dealers will offer me 5000-5250.

    Perhaps look at an older model. They are a great bike, a real workhorse. What is your budget?
  12. I'm selling mine for $4650 :].. i'm in sydney around eastwood.

    It's done about 36000km.. pm me if you like and I'll pass you the bikesales link
  13. I also am looking at a GS500 - not necessarily faired but preferable. Seems like everyone has one, they are everywhere. I've seen quite a few at less than $4500 on gumtree and the like, so don't give up.

    I might also change my mind if price is a factor... but i wouldn't know where to go, really!

    any ideas would be nice.
  14. oh wow.. 2 people on Acrosses thinking about gs500's hehe

    i loved my across when i had it - only problem was the fuel consumption and tiny tank which started being inconvenient on longer rides :-(

    good hunting :]
  15. ahhaha yeah i noticed that too, seems a bit cliche doesn't it!!

    following in your footsteps apparently!

    Fuel consumption is a bit crazy, honestly i think my rav4 costs less to run.

    What're your thoughts on the gs500f? what are you moving on to?
  16. I decided to keep my gs500. Bought the new bike, but did not trade the GS.

    Fuel consumption wise, I am a big bloke tipping the scales at 110kg, the GS500 pulls 300km out of one tank of fuel (20l) riding peak hour before I have to switch to reserve. On the highway it bumps up to 350km. I reckon the reserve would get you another 50km, although I have not tested that theory.
  17. I got my gs500 originally for some long distance riding..I could get 3.5L/100km (4.6L around town though) on some day rides! TRA's right about the reserve.. more like 60-70 for me (im 80kg)

    but after trying a trip to canberra on the hume, I found out that long straight roads put me to sleep. literally. waking up to find yourself doing 170 isnt cool..

    It's a great bike and I'd keep it if i could.. but I can't afford to keep more than 1 bike at a time. I'm struggling to choose between an rs125 or a motard for more short distance-ish stuff. tho those two will never be as comfy as a gs on longer rides :-(

    after you do a couple of mods to a gs5, like changing up to stiffer fork springs and popping in an R6 rear shock, some braided steel brake lines, it goes and corners pretty well. realistically, it does have enough power for everything - I've had plenty of fun on it along the putty or the old pac :] cheap to service, really easy to do maintenance on it yourself too.

  18. Thanks TRA, makes sense.
    My budget is up to $4000 hence why I was looking at the older models around 2005 as they seem to be at that price.
    There is a couple of Gs500f's that I can go for at a similar price one that I'm looking at is $4k with 18000k's on it. Seems like the best bet at the moment.

    Cheers ad91on, does seem to be a few of these out on the market, hence why there is no real point rushing into any purchase unless I get a great price on one.
  19. The reserve is good for a fair bit more than 50km. I get 350km to a tank, before I hit reserve, but the reserve is 1/4 of the tank. Once I forgot to switch back from reserve and did 450km (then worked out something was up), still only put 18L in it so had another 2L to go.
  20. my thoughts exactly. I figure that when I'm ready to buy one, there will always be one around for me to buy. Which is nice. Thanks lams.

    When/if i buy mine and you buy yours we should have a poll to see who got the best deal taking into account mileage/age/price/extras/travel/awesomeness etc. The winner will get the others old across :p