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Opinions on best dualie pls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by manipulate, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    Been a while

    I used to have a postie for local stuff
    and a CBR900RR for fun

    sold both of them ages ago
    not really keen on a sportsbike anymore
    i wanted a cruiser for the comfort (im only 21 ... shutup :p)
    but i also wanted something nifty for the times i need to be
    so i was thinking a naked bike for the neutral riding position
    i love my offroad so i thought a dualie would be perfect

    my rough requirements are:
    1995+ yr model
    $4000 MAX
    Japanese make.....pref Honda....but anything Jap thats reliable

    and anything else i should be asking let me know

    So yeah much obliged for your opinions what should i go for


  2. Cheers Tailus
    that gixxer is a sportsbike :p
    but that yamaha is exactly what im looking for

    thanx guys keep em coming

    im gonna write down a list of all the dualies u guys recomend and then do research on all of them and go from there

  3. You could probably find a dominator or something for those dollars... Which would be nicer off road than a fazer.
  4. Loz thanx for that your exactly right it looks more offroad friendly

    Dont stop the lovin

  5. The Honda Dominator is an excellent bike well suited to riding on both tar and dirt roads. It isn't really an off road bike but it will go off road. $4000 would get you a good one.

    The Suzuki DR650 is a proper trail bike and lacks the small fairing of the Honda Dominator which makes it less comfortble on road but less likely to be damaged off road. These are reliable, solid and will go most places off road and on road.

    The Yamaha XT600 is similar to the DR650 in concept but somewhat less powerful.

    The Yamaha XTZ660 is similar to the Dominator, but slightly more road biased.

    Any of the above dualies will handle road riding and trail riding well *unlike the XR600 which is a pain on the road*.
  6. Another option is the Kawasaki KLR650. Has existed since the 80s and hasn't changed yet. Has a bit of a fairing and is quite comfy seat wise (vibes as do most singles). Mine has got to 101 000km. Suposedly they have a dodgy blanacer thingy that has been known to break sometimes. To fix you can buy a machined version of the part or just see how it goes. Has a big fuel tank.

    DR650 has been around for a while too. Seat has been refered to as a piece of 2x4. Suposedly reliable, only issue being up to 2004 or so the base gasket was known to leak sometimes. Can be fixed by replacing with the new model >2004 gasket. If want a bigger tank can get a 32L one from Aqualine Safari. Suzuki also has Vstrom650 (DL650), slightly road biased, but probably impossible to find for $4000.

    Honda has XR650R and XR650L. The R is a much more offroad biased bike. XR650L uses same engine as Dominator. They also have the Transalp which is 2cyl (probably aimed at replacing the Domintator).

    Don't really know what Yamaha has. They don't seem to have any new apart from the XT660X which is marketed as a supermoto, but is probably ok.
  7. ZRX1200R & Guvenor_sier
    thank u thank u thats the kind of info im looking for

    im taking a look at them now

  8. The DL650 is an absolute beauty - but yeah, out of the price range really.
  9. thanx guys

    Honda NX 650 Dominator 1995 - 43hp, 53nm, 164kg dry - perfect shape
    Suzuki DR650 RSE 1995 - 46 hp, 55 nm, 170kg dry - perfect shape - gasket problem (easy fix)
    Yamaha XT 600E 1995 - 45hp, 50nm, 156kg dry - perfect shape
    Yamaha XTZ 660 1995 - 48hp, 56nm, 171kg dry - perfect shape
    Honda XR650R - too offroad
    Honda XR650L - too offroad
    Kawasaki KLR650 95' - 42 hp, 46nm 168kg dry - perfect shape - (timing chain balancer prob-fixable)

    so far those are my specs and conclusions

    the Honda XR650's would be awesome offroad but they are a bit too offroad biased as u said

    Thanx again