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Opinions on a couple of beers before riding.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sonicbaz, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hi, I am due to meet a mate for a couple (ie 2) beers on Wednesday. What do the experienced riders feel about having a couple of beers before riding. I was thinking of just having midstrength or lights.

    I'm prepared not to ride as well.



  2. I generally don't drink if I ride. Considering how large a par balance and reaction times are to my safety on the road I don't think it's worth the trade-off.
  3. Up to you at the end of the day.

    Ive ridden after a couple, only round the corner (literally round the corner, and its still no excuse).

    I wouldnt do it again, first thing that goes when drinking is your balance. I controlled the bike reasonably well, but didnt feel right and if i got into trouble, i would have fallen no doubt.

    You may be able to take your grog a little better than me and youll be fine. Only you know.

    Before you do it, have a think about what the consequences will be if it all goes pear shaped. Then make a decision.

  4. hmm if are you asking "should i ride slightly drunk/over the limit?" then obvious answer no...

    or just under the limit but still had a drink? I also go with no..
    people drop bikes without alcohol... I find my balance a bit screwy even with a midstrength (on a bike that is)
  5. If your age is 33 then I am sure you are responsable enough to answer the question yourself :roll:

    For me I will partake in the alkamahole fluids but not go over .05 :grin: I will just have a few and leave it at that.

    Cheers :cool:
  6. Great, thanks for the advice, exactly what I needed to know.

    I have just organised a lift.

    Great to learn from others experience, this forum is awesome.


  7. NEVER drink and ride I say
  8. If drinking can in any way effect the inherent risks of riding, then you should avoid it. At least THAT you can control; you still have to contend with homicidal motorists, and that you can't control....
  9. I done it a few times.
    Twice the next morning going to work,
    once after a few cans to KFC

    Just gives me more confidence but that unfortunately is a bad thing on a bike.
  10. slower reaction times.. even after 1 - 2 drinks... i wouldnt recomend it...
  11. Let me say first of all oviously it is not a good idea to drive or ride while pissed.

    In fact, I advise not to have *any* alcohol in your blood, not because it is so dangerous, but because "they" are out to get you and I do not believe for one second breath analysers are truly acurate. Was your alcohol level truly 0.06, not 0.04? These two points are probably within margin of error of that instrument, yet they make the difference between losing your licence or riding away free... So I advise not to drink and ride AT ALL.

    Having said that, truth is the anti drink-driving campain is largely politically motivated, and the actual level of 0.05% is in fact absurdly low. There was a study that showed someone driving home in the morning after working a night shift is more impaired than someone with 0.05% of alcohol in their blood!
  12. I don't drink and ride!
    end of story

    ..need all my faculties unimpaired
    coz you never know what the other idiot's gunna do

    my 2c

  13. I'd had two minor misshaps in my car as a result of driving after a night shift. Never had a problem after a beer or two but i'd never go beyound that.

    Licence toooo valuable. i'd go crazy really quickly if i couldn't ride or driver....shivers just thinking about it.
  14. IMO, one or two beers won't make it dangerous to ride, not in my experience anyway.
    I have ridden bikes for over ten years and could almost ride in my sleep! :p
  15. Another one to the no drink before ride bridage. I went for a ride with a few guys from work yesterday down to natural arch than back to the coast befoe returning to brizzy, however 3 of the guys had 2 coronas each , I had none and just went the way of our latte loving buddies with a capacino. I was a little suprised when they had a couple drinks.
  16. One beer is effectively my limit. Becouse I am a teeny bit too tense when riding I actually think I ride better after one beer.. (Still over cautious but not sillily so)
  17. When it comes to cars.... :applause:

    Bikes? I'm not so sure.
    I only have experience riding on a pushbike after drinking.
    Lets just say that my limit for safe pushbike riding is a lot lower than for driving a car.
    That said... 1 or 2 and a pushbike ride were OK for me.
  18. Crash a car at 60 ... no big thing (generally)
    Crash a bike at 60 . . .. . hmmmmm different story (generally)

    I hold my liquor exceptionally well and quite comfortably will have 20 or so bourbons on a night out, still can walk, talk. I dont think i'd even get on a bike after 2 beers..... 1 beer ok cos if your there for an hour, the effect of that beer will be halved due to the time it took you to drink it.... Have a couple (2) of lights over two hours... youd be hard pressed to register a reading on a breatho.
  19. I've found myself a drinking partner I think :grin: :beer: