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Opinions on 2008 Hyosung GT650.... Just getting back into it

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ckaine, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I'm currently looking at getting back in to riding after several years. I had originally been looking at a Kawa ER6n which was around $7500, however I have found a locally owned 2008 Hyosung GT650 with only 500 km's on it, it it owned by a lady who was a bit too short for it and doesn't feel comfortable riding it.

    It seems to me that the Hyosungs get bad reviews, however my plan is to only keep the bike for 6 to 12 months just to get back in to it. I'm then looking to buy a Z1000 or Z750 Kawasaki.

    The Hyosung is also the LAMS approved model so this might help me with resale when I go to sell it.

    She has offered it to me for $5000, which I feel is a bit of a bargain given that it is pretty much brand new and still has 12 months warranty. It is also a fairly big saving over the ER6.

    If anyone could give me any advice it would be really much appreciated.

  2. Don't worry about the nay-sayers, mate. Back in the sixties there were all sorts of horror stories about Volkswagens, but millions of people bought them and had no trouble. For every Hyosung you hear of that someone has had trouble with, there are hundreds out there that people love.
  3. Yeah, but I know of a couple of VW's that caught fire while quietly sitting in the carport.

    I'm a little curious why you are looking to get either bike when you are planning on something else so soon. If it's to re-aquaint yourself with riding then I'm not sure here's a lot of point, though that price for the Hyo seems like you shouldn't lose when it's time to swap.

    I'd be a little careful though, since the bike is too new to have had any bugs fixed under warranty, and the story that it's too high - well surely she sat on one before buying? It might be legit, but then why so cheap for a very new bike?

    Food for thought.
  4. If your choice is down to these 2 bikes I'd be inclined to buy the Kawa.
    I've read some very good reviews about them and they are a big seller OS. Based on what I've read about Hyo's in here, the Kawa is a lower risk proposition in terms of better build quality and resale. Having said that its your budget and they both have quite different riding positions and specs. You should ride them both then decide.
  5. Go the Hyo and pocket the change.
    You'll do what 10,000km? Pretty safe bet IMHO :wink:
  6. It is totally possible that the Hyo you are looking at is fine and a good price, but I wouldn't consider it myself unless it was what I was after. I'm sure you'll be able to find some other bargains out there and regardless its not really a bargain if it doesn't suit you.

    If after all the test rides etc you decide its what you want, go for it. But don't just jump on something because its local and easy.
  7. Hyos are buckets of shite. Do a search and lock this thread please.
  8. +1, should be right with 12 months use and u still have warranty
  9. Personally I would stick to the bigger more well known brands. But I am like that with almost anything.

    But if you like the hyo then buy it, just expect a few jokes when you make posts about your bike.

    *Pats Kowais hyo tank on the ground*
  10. Why not just go straight to the Z750 and be done with it? Just don't give it too much and you'll be fine.
  11. i just skimmed through the posts, but here is my opinion. I have a 2008 (late) gt250r. As problems go i have had none, i have used it pretty much every day since i bought it about 5 months ago and have clocked nearly 14000 kays. only hassel was a snapped clutch cable. Other than that nothing. i strongly recomment if you are to buy a second hand model form hyosung go 2008 or later as they were cured form all the problems associatied with 2007 and previous. But apart from they they are comfortable and so far reliable. possible if u are after a bit more drama, a muffler is handy to make it sound much better, keep it in line with its looks.
    Out of all honesty, the people who say bad about Hyoguns dont have one, and never had have one, i have not knwon of anyone who has complained about them. I have been on various sites and random people come on and bagg the bikes with no stats, or proof, or evidence. Im not trying to advertise the brand ot anything but give them a go and test ride it. Ask people about them who have had one.
    The only real complaint from me, is i want more power, but as a LAMS approved motorcylce and a bit of a power hungry guy, thats just me. i know some guys who adore their 250 and dont want more power
    anyway hope that helps
    and happpy bike hunting
  12. Mate im sure u have not been on one, and ever owned one. Keep your crap to urself and at least have evidence to back yourself up.
    It's useless people like you with ur idiotic comments that waste peoples time
  13. +1
  14. mate, seems like your the n00b here, yes he has had 1 and yes, his engine went chk chk boom, research before u accuse
  15. Dougz definitely had one, well the shop had it mostly. And I have one too, if you don't need a LAMS bike leave it alone. Yes they better than they were but still not great, the parts are dear and thin on the ground, and the distributors are cocks. Just walk away and get any thing else...

    Actually you'll find a lot of the people that have bad things to say about them have owned them that's, and even people that defend them rarely recommend them to others... never a good sign
  16. There is bugger-all between the z750 and a decent mid-size twin like the ER-6 anyway. It appears that you have green blood in your veins by your shortlist.

    If you do not need to get on a LAMS bike, I'd point you straight at the ER-6 and leave it at that. They are a very competant bike, look good and are about spot on for real road riding (unless you plan to tour extensively).

    Hooflungdung? Ahh, no thanks. I know mechanics who work on them and have pulled a 650 engine down myself. They are the Kia of the motorcycle world. Underwhelming, cheap and a single use item.
  17. :rofl: :rofl:

    1. I'm not your mate

    2. ^^ what Stigger and Goz said

    3. Search is your friend

    4. Typical response from a Hyo Fanboy

    How about YOU find the evidence to back this up? I know of PLENTY of '08 Hyos with the same dramas as 2007 and previous.

    Glad you like your bike chump, but you have a lot to learn before you can come on here and try slinging mud around.

    6. Learn to spell.
  18. Hi,

    If you can afford the ER-6, I'd probably go for it instead. I strongly considered the Hyo but decided against it for a few reasons:

    1. Not all of the independant mechanics here in Canberra will work on them.

    2. I hear many horror stories about lack of parts.

    3. Buying a hyo seemed like a risk. Sure they can't all be bad, but there are definitely more people with problems than other bikes. Just check out Koriders.

    No I have not owned one, but just could not bring myself to do it even though I really liked the way the bike looked and felt.

  19. well yeah i should have done some research, does anyone have the link to the post on what happened to the bike?
  20. dude have you ridden the 2?

    i seriously doubt it..

    the Z750 has it all over the ER6 absolutely everywhere bar price

    i was going to by an er6 and tested a couple then my best mate brought a Z750 and wow it's a fantastic bike..

    OP just go straight to the z750 and dont waste our coin in the process buying other shitheaps

    the Z750 isnt like a 1k super bike its very tame and almost slow you could say, but it had a beautiful smooth engine, so smooth that it can pull top gear at low rpm (you wont be going anywhere in a hurry) and there is little to no vibrations, the er6 vibes bad, the suspension isnt as adjustable and soon your going to be looking for more power which isnt there, and c'mon you cant beat the sound of an IL4 at full song... and im a twin man!