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Opinions of Triumph dealers in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by chrome, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Has anyone had any experiences with the following dealers?

    Procycles St Peters | St Peters | (02) 9557 1610
    Northside Triumph | Artarmon | 02 9439 3549
    BikeBiz | Granville | (02) 9682 2999
    Team Moto Blacktown | Blacktown | (02) 9421 0685

    I've paid the guys at Procycles a visit on the Princes Hwy on the way home a couple of times, they've been pretty helpful so far.
  2. went to bikebiz at granville for the triumph demo day. Guys there were pretty cool, outgoing and answering any questions.
  3. Go to team moto tell them Goz said u will look after me :) ask for matty
  4. watch out, it's a trap.
  5. northside motorcycles.

    really laid back guys - they're extremely helpful, and good prices too generally. tell them Holly sent you.
  6. Time for a upgrade i am guessing, go to them all and pick the cheapest price, If you are buying new the price should be the only guage, 2nd hand , well you'd want the one you trust the most or has been recommended well like goz and holly hae given suggestions
  7. did you post in the wrong thread, waedwe?
  8. Yes my brain is fuddled, must be getting old, fixed now but
  9. hehe it's cool. i do it too :)
  10. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, full license kicks in next month, so I'm planning to upgrade. Quite liking the look of the Sprint GT but wanted to get some test rides on it, and can't til October, so right now all I can do is get pricing and ideas of who would be favourite to deal with.

    I've been trying to ignore that thread.
  11. I had a good experience with ProCycles at St Peters - Vic the finance manager is a good guy to deal with - although I had to be the easiest sale they'd ever made.

    They did 10% off for gear, but if you want anything from spares/accessories you'd better set aside a full day - things move slowly upstairs!
  12. Northside were good to me and had some fair prices. Would def. buy from them again. Quick service too. Bikebiz Granville were also solid.
  13. Not sure if this is exactly relevant, but Procycles at St. Peter's diagnosed and replaced a fuse for my Daytona on Friday afternoon at 5.45pm after I broke down and had to get a tow from Kogarah. I walked in, soaking wet into their showroom with my bike on a truck, they took my helmet and jacket and told me to go go and grab a schooner across the road while I waited for a lift. They basically fast tracked the job, rang me on Saturday morning saying they had done all the diagnostics etc, found nothing wrong and it was ready to pick up. Charged me next to nothing too.

    When you drop a bike off after 5.30 on a friday afternoon with no warning and it's ready to pick up on Saturday morning, it sort of sticks in your mind. Considering the way they treated me, as someone who they wouldn't be making much money off (this time anyway), I'll be making a conscious effort to advertise on their behalf from now on.
  14. I got that sort of vibe from them too. The finance guy seemed nice too. Gonna get my Daytona from them sooon, i only live around the corner..
  15. Thats awesome. The smart thing for them to do is to be excellent in situations like that, as it'll mean that if you ever decide to buy a new bike, you'll be talking to them first.

    They are the most convenient for me; I work in the city and live in Hurstville, so I blast past them on the bike twice a day.

    3 weeks to go ...