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Opinions of BMW K 1300 S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spocky, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hello peoples,

    Just wanting to get a few opinions on anyone who has ridden a K1300S (latest version). They seem quite nice bikes and as I have a few months left to getting on one (on P's at the moment) I would just like to get some views on this bike.

    Main type of riding will be day touring but like faired style sports bikes. #1 bike in my list is the S1000RR but after looking at the K1300 it may suit me better for getting around.

    Anyone have any views/issues on this bike?

    Cheers Spocky
  2. It is a fantastic bike, although a little on the expensive side. Personally, I would buy the VFR1200DCT over the K1300S but it would be a very close call between the two.

    The K is a little heavy but that does give you great stability in windy conditions, plus the shaft drive means you'll never have to worry about maintenance. It also has more touring options than the Honda analogue, so if you really want a fully kitted-out bike, it is a great choice.

    This may help you in your decision:


    (I realise you're not looking at the Honda but you can certainly get a lot of information about the K1300S from that link.)
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  3. This one's for the K1200S, but shouldn't deviate much from the K1300S, I reckon :)

    Also, I saw a guy riding a K1300R the other day in South Bank (could have been test riding). Looked and sounded amazing! Lucky bastard...
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  4. I've riden the 1200 but not the 1300. Very nice to ride and very easy to ride. I's actually easy to keep at a legal speed (and easy to keep at illegal speeds too) which is not always the case with some bikes.

    I was going to grab one for a test ride at the Ulysses AGM but I took out a Victory Vegas and a Gilera Fuoco instead. Either of which I'd thoroughly recommend. (but that's a different story)

    As others have said, look at the alternatives out there. There's a lot of excellent bikes around and don't fixate on a particular bike just yet. As soon as you are able, try for a test ride on anything you think might be suitable.
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  5. Why ? Fixating on things is part of life !
    Not necessrily the smartest part, but still....

    How else would I own a CX500 ?

    Oh and for the record, in the shaft drive bike field - the BMW will marginally edge out the CX in most respects ....:rofl:
  6. Same here. I liked it.
  7. Test rode one. Quick shifter was awesome. Power is very controllable. Stable, front end feels weird at first, but once you learn the language the bike speaks, it does talk to you.
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  8. Your first question to yourself should be...can I live with not being able to ride too hard in the twisties, or could my body stand a full blooded sports bike on a longer trip.
    (K1300 vs S1000)

    I have found that no bikes do both particularly well.

    Deciding what's more important to you, is step 1. Then your choice is made, and you can narrow it down very quickly.
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  9. The 1300r rocks. Its geared lower, so it launches really well. Weighs less, costs less and apparently does $2.70, not bad for a naked.
  10. Not a fan of the nakeds. And sorry but the front of the 1300R (saw one the same day I was playing with the 1300S) is a bit ugly.

    Cheers Spocky
  11. The reality is, neither bike can be ridden by most people to its capability. The issue of long term comfort vs pointability vs cost (the S1000RR is surprisingly MUCH cheaper) is what I am wrestling with.

    Cheers Spocky
  12. I own a 2012 s1000rr, and am currently riding a k1300r while waiting for parts for my s1000rr.

    They are very different bikes... duh. ;)

    I love my s1000rr, its a spectacular bike. I'd recommend one to anyone that wants a superbike.

    The k1300r is much lazier, it doesnt matter what gear you're in at any speed you can just turn on the power. The front suspension feels very odd, no diving under brakes or when turning. You can even brake in corners without it having much affect on your line. I'm not a fan of its abs and traction control, the s1000's system feels a lot less intrusive (that's only based on my my deliberate tests though, not real use of the systems).

    From my perspective, if you want a bike to go proper touring on, then the 1300 is for you, if its a serious sports bike you want, then the s1000 is the one. Neither can be both bikes.
  13. Personally I would go the K1300, as they are sporting enough for a quick blast through the twisties, but if there is a set of nice corners 300km away, it will not drain you much to ride there, play then ride back.
  14. Whether you can ride them to their limits or not, has nothing to do with it.
    If you are thinking of buying the s1000rr for touring just because it's cheaper, then you won't be too happy after a few hundred k's.
    It's a purebred superbike, and will not enjoy being loaded up with gear for a weekends touring.
    It's like buying a Ferrari enzo, and then putting a roof rack on it!

    If the k1300 I to expensive then you need to be looking at cheaper tourers, I reckon
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  15. Yeah, but you can ride the piss out of a K1300 and still go touring on it..the S1000, not so much.
  16. I have about 100 litres worth of luggage for my S1KRR and can comfortably do 500 km days on it. It certainly takes some getting used to though. Weekend tours wouldn't be an issue, although I'm not sure I could handle a week.

    In the end though, they're both great bikes. Either one would be a great addition to your garage. :)
  17. Not many people could handle that, I reckon. (And I would laugh at you for having luggage on an S1000RR...) :cheeky:

    My point is that if you want a bike that can be both sporty and a tourer, the K1300S is more suitable than the S1000RR.
  18. Definitely.

    But if your definition of touring is a weekend away (on your own, no pillion space with the luggage on) once or twice a year, I'd go the S1KRR.
  19. Good point, good point.
  20. Not talking about the K1300R but the K1300S. Similar but have significant differences with engine set up (gearing in particular apparently) and structure (for handling)

    As stated its #1 on my list at the moment.

    Thats the issue I have. Yes I go wandering around the countryside a lot but the issue is my developing love of the twisties and powering out of hairpins.

    Also I would consider doing some track days if I had the proper bike to do so. Its more a matter of heart over brain....just getting some peoples opinions on what they are riding over the long term.

    Cheers Spocky