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Opinions needed.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Matto, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Hi, newbie here looking for a bit of advice.
    First up, I'm about to hit my forties, and, I reckon I'm going thru some sort of mid-life crisis thingo. In other words, I feel the need to get back onto a bike after an absence of about 12 years.
    My dilemma though is this, I've completely lost touch with whats going on in the bike world as far as knowing what is a good bike, and what isn't.
    I would have considered myself a reasonably competent rider once, rode for about 10 years on mainly 600cc dirt bikes, but as I said, I haven't ridden anything for about 12 years. My first question is this, after a little bit of looking around, I've got my heart set on either a Ducati M900 or Triumph Speed Triple 955.Which is the better bike?
    I know it's not that simple, but, as I have a budget of around 9g's, I would be looking at a late 90's early00's model and I am mainly interested which bike would be the better option as far as maintenance and longevity is concerned. Theres no point saving 4 grand on an older model if it's gonna cost me an arm and leg in maintenance!
    Secondly, do you reckon I've got some sort of death wish jumping straight onto one of these having not ridden for so long? I'm sort of assuming it would a bit like riding a bike
    :roll: , in that you don't forget. If so, should I be looking at something smaller?
    Main reason I'm asking, I am a big bastard,6'2" 110kgs, and I'm really looking for something long term, in other words, I wouldn't want to buying another bike in the near future.
    Lastly, how many k's is too many? All the bikes I've been looking at seem to be anywhere between 30-60 000 km's. At what point would I be looking at major engine rebuilds and stuff?
    Also, what other bikes should I be looking at? I love the look of the naked sport bikes (and the noise,Duc especially!), considering it will only for an occasional weekend squirt to blow cobwebs away.
    thanks in advance, Matt.

  2. have you looked at the newer entry level 600's? er6, gladius, sv650, xj600? can get one new for close to your budget. suspect they are comparable to a 10 year old bike with carbs. (without having ridden the old bikes. some one will shoot me down if I'm wrong).
  3. So you shortlist a Ducati and a Triumph? :LOL:

    Seriously though, I know nothing about either, but would suggest checking out the Jap competition as well. Read around, test what takes your fancy, and go with your gut!
  4. +1 to DarkHorse
  5. They're both good bikes....try and ride them both. From the sound of things. the Duc's where it's at for you. Love my Duc, and if you can get one that's been log booked serviced, and relatively low KMs you should be fine for a few years of trouble free riding.

    For another few grand, you'd be surprised how much newer a bike you could get...keep checking bikesales/Trading Post

    Once you get the bike book in for a Rider Training refresher course to get used to the bike in controlled conditions and am sure you'll find it worthwhile.

    And PEEPS - why would OP want a Jap bike, he has his heart in the decision :cool:
  6. Yeah, I have got my heart set! If I was going to be sensible and use my head, I probably would consider a Jap bike. I guess life would get pretty boring if we acted sensibly all the time!
    Not knocking Jap bikes at all, they are probably superior in every aspect but for me they just don't appeal to me like a Duke or Trumpy, especially that V-twin noise from a Ducati at full song!
    Anyway fellas, cheers for the replies, I reckon I'll do what everyone is suggesting and just ride a few and then decide.
    Thanks, Matt.