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Opinions from the more "Wise" Netriders requested.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jym, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. G'day Guys,
    Been a while since I've posted, but my thoughts, tastes and personal opinions have changed quite dramatically in the past few months.

    When I was young, and would see a CBR600RR, or a ZZR, GSXR, etc. riding around, I was always looking and staring. I loved the look of it. The gear, the aerodynamic fairings, the sound, the smell, you get it. I loved sportsbikes.

    Entering the world, my 1 and only goal was one day to own my very own, brand new CBR600RR, in its limited edition paint.

    But you know what? Now...I'm not so sure.

    Its been a few years since I actually donned the gear and started riding, and in the past few months, I feel my tastes are changing. Maybe they're maturing?

    Recently I've really been noticing Cruisers! :gasp: I know!
    Its like, if I was married to my CBR250, then the VT would be my concubine...or something?

    So anyway, today, while I was sitting at Sunbury Honda, getting my (Free!) 1000km service on the CBR, the dealer said something interesting to me. He said "Honestly, when you first came in here to buy the CBR, I was sure you'd buy a Shadow."

    So I got to talking to him, telling him my old dreams and aspirations, and how my thoughts are changing. He took me around, explained the different features of the Cruisers, got me to sit on them, get comfortable, etc. etc.

    Now honestly, he definitely would've been happy for me to buy a CBR600RR and a VT750, obviously. (He's a sales guy...) but then the mechanic came out (Having finished the service) and said to me: "I think the VT750 would really suit you, it sorta fits your style"

    Which was interesting to me, as that was the bike I was most comfortable on, out of every road bike in the showroom.

    Anyway, I should get to the point:

    You riders on Cruisers, did you start on sportbikes?
    Was there a moment that changed it for you?
    Is this something that is just bound to happen as I get older?

    TL;DR: Thinking of switching from sports to cruiser, thoughts?

  2. I started on a LAMS cruiser (a Yamaha V-Star).

    I was doing a lot of spirited twisty riding with mostly sports bikes. It didn't really suit the cruiser.

    So I added a Ninja 250 (still on LAMS) for the twisties.

    Once off my restrictions, I swapped the Ninja 250 for an R1.

    I still have the cruiser and I still ride it if I'm mostly doing freeways or just heading into town. Come summertime, I'll be using it for the Portsea pub runs and shorter trips for socialising. I'll ride the R1 when I hit the twisties.

    TL;DR - Depends on what your riding habits are and who you ride with. Best option - have one of each.
  3. All it means is your getting soft... ;)
    Ide own one of everything if I could just to feed which ever demon is yelling at me at the time!

    A 750 cruiser though would be piss weak, atleast go with something that rumbles!!
  4. Was discussing this the other day with someone.

    I'd get a cruiser in a heartbeat and use it for commuting. It'd be sick. Because some days you don't want to race.
  5. For me it was a combination of age and injury that put me on a cruiser, I still get my leg over the occasional sportsbike and love doing it, but there is a big difference between an occasional blat and long distance riding, I just can't ride any great distance on a sportsbike without needing a bloody good massage afterwards (and sadly no happy ending)
  6. It'd be awesome if someone made something that could do a bit from both worlds...

    Wait! They did!

    Shame Diavel's cost so much because for my eyes, they're an awesome compromise.
  7. Harley Street Bob for tough guy cred - works for me :)
  8. I reckon at the end of the day we all need atleast two bikes - a sportbike and a naked/cruiser. I'd even throw in a dirt bike too. But tough financially to own more than one bike. Do-able but tough.
  9. I got that 'too many bikes' problem. 3 in the stable now, GS500F for commuter, Sprint ST for touring, 1947 BSA cause I like old bikes. I still want to add a hayabusa and a cruiser, but then where do you stop? A rocket 3 would be nice, but the size of that engine scares me a bit.
  10. Same! Got major knee ops which mean I can't have all my weight on my knees all the time. Forward Controls on a Cruiser were the answer.

    That being said (and I've said it before a million times!) NOT ALL CRUISERS ARE CREATED EQUAL!
  11. hi there
    just one point before you buy a cruiser - make sure you dont have any back problems. The road bikes have a slight lean forward position which allows the lumbar spine to assume its normal curve forward. On a cruiser you end up curving the lumbar spine backwards which is no good if you've had any back issues. My son bought a 650 cruiser and both he and I have low back problems. Just looking at him sitting on the cruiser made me say 'no'. I bought a GS500F as my first bike and then traded it in for a ninja 650R. Just a ride around the block on the cruiser gave me a pain . Needless to say my son sold his cruiser and bought a Suzuki SV650S and changed the clip ons to a slightly higher bar.
    He did look wistfully after the cruiser as it was being trailered away, wishing he could keep it just for the sunday ride around town. cheers
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  12. Thank you good sir!
    This was one thing I hadn't considered, and being young with infinite back problems has definitely made my decision easy.
  13. Again, a note of caution:
    Not all cruisers are the same:
    On my bike, the stance is quite aggressive and my back is curved forward with arms stretched towards the straight drag-style bars.
    That's a more lean forward position than someone on a tourer or dual sport.
    If you're concerned about the ergonomics of the bike, check this site:
  14. that cycle-ergo site is awesome. Never saw that before.
  15. Maybe you should rent for for a day first...
    Even a test ride isn't going to show you all the pro's and con's of a bike. Your only out for an hour tops and on a predesignated route. We have different routes for cruisers and sports bikes.
    If you have it for the day you can really tell if it fits your life style and riding preferences.
    Something can be quite comfy for half to an hour and a real pain in the ass over that.
  16. This is a fantastic idea. I hadn't thought of that either! I believe that's exactly what I'll do. I've also got a mate who recently lost his licence so has a garaged Cibby6hundo. Maybe he'll be nice enough to let me give his a ride so I know what my dream bike actually feels like.
    Informed decisions are awesome. You guys rock
  17. Very true, I've ridden an M80, a Vulcan 1500,the C50 Volusia, a Triumph America and a couple of HD's, (all mates loaners) and all different in their own way.
  18. Go and take an Aprilia RS250 for a test ride ... that'll cure you of this cruiser bug quick smart ;-) Seriously, DO ride an RS before you upgrade from the CBR. I came within a gnat's whisker of buying one instead of my GSXR600, and still regret not doing so.
  19. Nice cruiser!!
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  20. If you want a comfortable bike -try a V-Strom - very comfortable. Just sit on it, and you will see what I mean. Yet they are still surprisingly good in the curves, unlike a cruiser. I have ridden a couple of cruisers, and I always get the feeling the front wheel is a bit removed.

    And if the looks of a V-Strom are not your thing, there is always a Tiger or Versys or some other adventure tourer.