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Opinions for pillions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Taff 69, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Ok everybody in NR world. This has probably been covered in previous threads but I thought I'd just put it out there for discussion. I'm eventually going to upgrade my bike in a year or so, but one of my main concerns is that I want my new bike to be reasonably comfortable for my Mrs as she would like to come on trips with me. Bear in mind that I don't want a cruiser and it only needs to be "comfortable" for trips around an hour in length which would get me down to Phillip Island. I really want to be a Gixxer owner but I'm concerned that it won't be comfy enough for the wife and I would like it to be pretty sporty at the same time. Also any thoughts on some of the Naked bikes out there too as that market seems to be gathering momentum lately. It's a bit of a tricky one as the majority of folks on this forum sit "up front". Any opinions would be appreciated. Cheers.

  2. ive got a most uncomfortable bike for pillions
    when my wife asks to come on a ride I point to the seat and laugh
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  3. Get the Gixxer and put a air hawk cushion on the pillion seat for the Mrs. It's perfect for a short trip to the island and back.
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  4. Hi Taff 69Taff 69, I've been a pillion on a 1994 CBR600F and a couple of Bandits. Felt comfy and safe riding both makes for well over an hour. Look for a comfortable seat, good grips (personal preference - side ones), and the height of pillion pegs. If your wife has long legs, she might feel cramped and will get tired quicker when her knee/hip angles are too sharp.Having a top box or a Ventura bag helps as she will have a bit of support when your right wrist goes happy!
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  5. Could be a close competition here :p
  6. its very convenient isn't it
  7. Maybe a Bandit or GSX, they have a good seat on them for both the rider and pillion.
    The VFR is also worth a look.
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  8. The missus actually doesn't mind it oddly enough, no idea how. You'd be lucky to fit one cheek on the seat.
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  9. Z1000 is crap for pillions (thank god!) small seat and you would have your knees up around your ears with where the pegs are. I am taking my pegs off. No pillions ever. Not that I have anyone who wants to...ha!
    Leave it alone guys :whistle:
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  10. The MT-09 is not made for a pillion - the MT-03 is pretty good - VFR 1200 is the most comfortable pillion ride I've experienced with the super tenere coming a close second- first pillion was on a Suzuki across - hubby told me to hold on when he took off otherwise I would be left behind!!!!
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  11. Yep, the Z is crap for pillions. GreyBMGreyBM bitched about it non stop for two laps of the Saturday practice carpark when he kindly agreed to be the Guinea pig whilst I was learning how to carry a pillion.

    Surprisingly though (not), I didn't hear a peep out of him when I rescued him a few kilometres out of Noojee after he managed to wreck his wheels in a pothole...

    For that reason, I'll never remove my pillion pegs. Just might need them (again) one day...
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  12. In about a year eh? KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT anyone? Depends on budget though, it'll be dearer than the R.
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  13. The BMW's are supposed to be pretty good for pillions from reports I have heard. Might be worth a look at one? Pricey though...
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  14. I have offered to return the favour and pillion GreydogGreydog around the carpark on her bike to give her a feel

    for it.

    Probably almost any sports tourer will have both a comfy seat and acceptable performance and handling.
  15. I have no doubt it's crap. Plus I could never climb up that high!
  16. For an hour trip, anything, take my partner on the back of an S1000RR for about 3 hour before she needs a break.
    Do the twisties all the time, did Eildon Jameson Rd last week, and still (almost) kept up with the pack.
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  17. MT-09 Tracer is the Sports Tourer version of the MT-09 and apparently pretty decent for pillions. It's also pretty powerful.
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  18. easy fix...misses needs to get her own bike....
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  19. My wife and kids swear the pillion perch on the Bandit (older 1200 model) is brilliant. In fact the youngest (now 20) reckons it's better then the pillion seats on the BMW1200RT and Kawasaki GTR1400.
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