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Opinions: Buy leathers from US or Australia?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by SnOOkered, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty much set on getting a pair of racing leathers bottoms for my Shift SR-1 jacket, namely the Shift Redlines. I can buy them here in OZ for $425 from PS or I can get them for around $310 US from online stores based in the US. Do you guys think its worth the $100 getting them overseas?

    I'm just thinking whats the deal with quality control or whether I need to return them due to stitching damage etc? Anyone had experience's buying leathers overseas?

  2. I bought some Joe Rocket stuff last year from Riders Discount. Awesome service and nothing had gone wrong with any of it so far! Just make sure you get the right size.
  3. Great idea! Buy overseas, Australians don't want jobs.
    FFS Buy local product where you can,
    Ok $115au is equal to what in usd?
    plus freight,
    plus possible warranty delays if not hassle,
    plus losing that warm and fuzzy feeling created by helping our kids have jobs
    Still worth it????
  4. I'd probably pay 20-25% more in inflation rate adjusted terms for stuff bought locally. After all, you get to try the stuff on, warranty issues etc, you should pay a bit of a premium for it. But to be honest most leathers in aus are a 100% mark up on stuff from the US. I reckon thats just a bit rich.
  5. I just bought some leathers from PS.

    There was a size discrepancy based on the floor stock vs brand new to the point where the new pants were way too small. If
    I'd ordered from the US, I'd have been stuffed.

    I was honest and said I'd prefer to by from an Aus shop rather than overseas but was concerned about the large price difference. In the end, they gave me a great discount and I know if there are any future issues, I can take them back to the store.
  6. Yeah opted to buy them for PS too.. just got them today, im happy got a 'nice' discount. Just annoying how they keep the same retail price on the gear no matter how long the stock has been there! and 499.95 is the RRP on the shift website surely they should start lower!.

    Still reckon they're too expensive considering in the US they're $300RRP they went down from $399 a while back.
    PS the redline pants are bloody good, nice snug fit and very moveable in them.
  7. I'd almost be willing to pay a premium just so PS don't get the mark-up.