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Opinions and/or suggestions on Z1000 "issues"

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Oldmaid, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Okay without this thread descending into a riding position debate please, I would welcome some of the more experienced riders' opinions and suggestions for my Z1000 thanks.
    Don't faint but oldmaid is deadly serious and not messing here.

    1. First thing
    I ride with the pubic bone to the tank, knees tight to the tank, with the balls of my feet on the foot pegs and my ankles parallel to the bike.
    Two things are happening on Zeddee that hadn't happened on Wasabi...
    Firstly on both sides of Zeddee, the heels of my boots are scrubbing on the exhaust cover (the shiny mark you can see post wash)

    secondly, particularly on the gear shifter side of Zeddee, the side of my boots are scrubbing on this plate.

    So is there a way to avoid this or something that I can install to protect Zeddee please?

    2. Okay the other thing I discovered yesterday with Dr Sleepy...doesn't look right to me but what would I know?
    So under the throttle, there is an electrical connection but there is no cap on it.
    The pics are hard to show this but if you run your eye to the left starting at the starter swith and to the left of the bottom bolt on the handlebars.

    Should this electrical doodad have a little black clip on cover thingy or not? If yes, what do I need to buy or should I hit up BikeBiz for it pls? Or should I just whack a bit of electrical tape pls??

    3. The last thing is I am getting a full arrow exhaust system for Zeddee...I am also going to ditch the back pegs...should I replace the swing arms as well or just leave them...

    Thanks for your help guys! :love:
  2. With an arrow exhaust it will probaly fix ur heels rubbn on the heat sheild .You can get clear plastic stick on to protect ur rear set guards but there alrrady marked so maybe let it devolope a bit of patina(just a suggestion) and the elec connection maybe someone disabled the hyperdrive lol:hungry:
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  3. What Itching said mostly. Clear protector on that heel guard will eventually wear and need regular replacing. Probably not much of a job but at the moment it is doing its job. The stuff to use is the clear stuff they put on the front of cars. I don't think anyone in port does that but you are looking for pieces small enough to be offcuts.

    I had the same exhaust rubbing issue on my FZ1 until I changed my exhaust. I was more worried about melting the heel of my boot than marking the exhaust.

    That electrical connector looks like it is the brake light switch. I'm sure if Kawasaki thought it needed a boot, it would have one. Have a look at other bikes, particularly other Kawasakis to see if they have a boot for that connector.
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  4. I have the same riding position you describe and get the same issues. Changing the exhaust to some slip ons helped but I can still touch sometimes. I have also scrubbed the gear side like you after swapping to my current set of boots, and won't bother about it now, but highly recommend "Clear Armour" for any surface you want to protect. The guy uses the 3M clear film, and it is truly amazing stuff in terms of how invisible it can look and just how tough it is. I only realised how tough it was when I tried to cut/tear some of it. I wanted to put some around my key area and the guy included an uncut square piece for me that I tailored to shape, he's very helpful.

    Kawasaki Motorcycle Paint Protection
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  5. If you are concerned about the connector, grab yourself a one of those small water balloons (black if you can find it) and stretch it over the connector.
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  6. Ooo good idea. I have a power outlet that the cover has broken off from. Must try this.
  7. I'm pretty sure that exposed connector is normal as I thought it was a bit weird when I saw it on my bike
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  8. Agree with this, my KTM's brake light connectors are exposed on the lever too, have never had a problem no matter the weather. If you "fix" it, just don't make it worse by creating a gathering place for water. Use electrical tape or a dab of black silicone sealer.
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  9. Sadly have no technically advice to give, just love how much u look after Zeedee, he's a lucky bike!
    You've inspired me to check where I'm rubbing mine!!! Noticed scuff marks on the heals of my boots but never thought to check the bike! Oops! Wish me luck, hoping not to find similar makings!!!
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  10. Wouldn't you know I just happened to be in the neighbourhood of the local Kawasaki dealer today... ;)

    They didn't have a Z1000 on the floor, however, the connector is the same with exposed wires on the ZX-14R & Ninja 1000, so I would assume that's probably how the Z is meant to be as well.
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  11. Is that plate the heel guard? Paint where one's boot goes strikes me as an idiotic design flaw. If it were my bike I'd buy some anodized black(or other colour) rearsets or remove the paint and polish it. Perhaps even embrace it as character.
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  12. Thanks everyone...mayhaps I am being just a tad too precious with babee Zeddee :(
    Have ridden him only five times (damn you christmas!) counting the test ride plus today to work and looks like we are both about to experience our first torrential wet ride together.

    I was just taken aback by the degree of scrubbing although Senator17Senator17 had mentioned this happening...
  13. Yes I have similar marks.
  14. Hi OldmaidOldmaid just took a look at my connector and it's the same as yours, there is no boot or cover over that part. I've had her out in the rain a few times and never had a problem, so I wouldn't worry if I were you. Sometimes it's better to let the air dry such connections than to trap water, dirt and dust. As for the exhaust, I've found that the Ixil pipes I have are no better than the originals. I don't know how you'll go with the Arrow exhaust. Then the heal guards, Had I know in time, I would have used some Ski Tape, a thick clear tape that is very strong, stops other skiers and snowboarders from scratching the finish on my skis. So I figure it it stops the sharp metal edges of skis and snowboards, it will work fine on the heal guards. Hope your ride in the heavy rain doesn't stress you out too much, just take it very easy.
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  15. Senator17Senator17 rain was okay thanks but they are issuing flash flood warnings ...wonder if Zeddee is amphibious!
  16. Luckily I have my boat licence, but I wouldn't try it.
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  17. I think 140-odd hp would make for an interesting -- although brief -- experiment in amphibious personal watercraft. ;)
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  18. I'll get some galoshes to wear on my new elevator boots...any takers for me to tow on a knee board behind Zeddee?? Spotter anyone??
    Na? Was worth an ask s'pose- it would liven up the Taree news a tad anyway...
  19. I'm game if you are OldmaidOldmaid :)

    I'll even wear a mankini :wideyed::wideyed:
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  20. Careful you lot, you'll end up with matching metal bits... Can I watch?! :p
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