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Opinions/ Advice??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Yoshimitsu, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, Im new to this forum and wanted to get some opinions on something...

    I just booked my learners today but i dont have a bike yet. a few of my mates have cbr250rr's and i tried sitting on one the other day just to get the feel for it. Didnt feel too comfortable haha, I'm 6'3 and 110 kgs, felt pretty cramped lol. Here are some bikes that ive been interested in getting (Im more into the supersport category, not a big fan of the naked bikes)

    - RVF400
    - Hyosung GT650R
    - CBR250RR (i could get used to the size factor only because the cbr is the only 250 that appeals to me)
    - Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    What are your opinions on these bikes? Any other suggestions? Also wanted to know what the difference (looks and performance) is between the RVF400 & the CBR400RR. I mean they both look exactly the same to me and the specs are really similar.

    Thanks alot for your help guys! I've only just got into bikes recently so im a bit of a noob
  2. The Ninja 250R is more of a "sports tourer" and not that much like the other bikes you mentioned.

    If you like CBR250RR's maybe also have a sit on a ZXR250. That's Kawasaki's 250cc inline four bike, but it has a longer wheelbase and adjustable suspension. You might be more comfortable on that than the CBR.

    I'm about 105kg without gear, recently got my ZXR's suspension set up and it's much much better, you may want this at 110kg. My bike had a fair bit of front end dive under braking and the rear felt less planted/stable under throttle and out of corners. I didn't really know this until I got my suspension done, it feels much better even with the limited adjustment available on my ZXR so keep this is mind if you're buying a bike with no room for adjustment.

    The only downside to getting a ZXR over a CBR is that they are all grey imports and you'll have to go with RACV or maybe insuremyride for insurance. I think QBE or Swann also do them, but a fair few insurers don't insure grey imports.

    Parts wise I know Victorian Motorcycle wreckers have heaps for both the A and C models.

    I've never ridden a RVF400 but I'd assume it's a better bike, it's also twice the price.

    EDIT: Oh, and buy a bike after you get your learners. Don't buy the first bike you see, make sure you ride a few of the same model.
  3. I'm the same size as you mate, maybe an inch or two taller. I have the cbr and I tell you other than the hardish seat (you only notice on free ways) the bike is amazingly comfy despite it's size. I thought it would be weird too bit I adapted really well.
  4. You might feel a bit cramped on the Ninja 250. I'm just pushing 6 foot and I feel a bit cramped on it.
  5. The hyo is pretty big and the grunty 650 twin shouldn't have any trouble pulling you. Only thing I'd be concerned with is the suspension - very budget.
  6. I really think for an L machine you should be focussing on your size/comfort - sure pick a style (sports/tourer/cruiser) that you like but dont just go for the cbr because you like the look of it or your mates have got one.

    Get on anything and everything and preferably take for a test ride before narrowing the field.

    The Hyosungs have taken a bit of a battering here but there are also some happy with them + there should be enough info around to make sure you at least know what to look out for.

    The GS500 may be a bit of a beige choice but still a very good learners bike and I think you'll love whatever your first bike turns out to be so long as it doesn't make you feel like houdini each time you have to go for a ride.
  7. the rvf400 is a v4 engine and the cbr400 is a regular in line 4.

    i havent ridden either so its hard to comment but the 400's are a solid bike with plenty of power.
  8. Have a look into the gsx650f. But more of a touring bike, but still sporty. Plenty of balls!! And I bet you won't feel cramped up
  9. If you're interested in a Ninja, i've got a mint condition one for sale in the classifieds.
  10. @110kg your out of balance for most 250's. Close to 40kg over what the spring rate and damping in them is designed for. And 182cm it will never be comfy.
    I would be looking in the 500 - 650cc range.
    Something upright to begin. ie Kawasaki ER650. Suzuki GS500. Hyo 650.
    Yup the sporties look great.
    But walk before you run and you will end up the better rider.
  11. RVF400 is definitely not the same as the CBR400RR...they might look a little bit similar due to body styling, but mechanically very different.

    RVF has V4 engine configuration, has single sided swing arm, upside down forks, more power (also power band is better) and has a shorter wheel base than CBR400RR to name a few. It might be on the heavier side of things though but the CBR isn't too far off. The V4 engine is also bullet proof, mainly due to gear driven cams instead of chains (which is where the extra weight also sits).

    CBR400RR has inline 4 cylinder, standard forks and standard swing arm. I can't say much else because I haven't ridden one personally, however they have been known to be reliable and people who race them don't find anything wrong with them either. Pretty quick bikes.

    If you decide to get either of those bikes, expect expensive spare parts...and they will most likely be second hand, when buying locally. Most 400cc bikes weren't sold in Australia but were imported, so parts will be hard to chase up. Can get them from the UK where the VFR/RVF400s are pretty popular and parts are everywhere. To get you an idea...RVF spark plugs are around $25 each. CBRs are probably much cheaper.

    They are good bikes, but be sure to know, that parts are hard to come by and are expensive if bought locally.
  12. Wow! Thank you so much for your help guys! A lot of nice suggestions there, really appreciate it :) I get my Ls in a months time so ive still got a bit more time to go out look at a few bikes, test ride a few :) once again thanks heaps! love this forum haha