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Opinions: 1985 GSXR750 vs 1989 Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. OK, that's a pretty weird comparison. ;) Thing is, the Spada is what I have now. I don't have any restrictions on my license - I got the Spada because I was coming back to riding after 15 years or so and wanted to start sensibly, and because it was relatively cheap. I also got it because my wife thought she might like to learn, but (a) she's not showing any real sign of doing so and (b) she can do Q-Ride and be able to ride something bigger than a 250 anyway.

    My real goal is an SV650, but I have a lot of debt and don't want to take on more at the moment, so realistically that is probably at least 2 years away, and maybe longer, since my kids will start uni about that time...

    The Spada has been awesomely reliable and is fun to ride, but I'm a solid guy (95 kg) and it's not really quite big enough. I also like to pillion my wife or daughters sometimes, and it's really not big enough for that either. I ride every day as a commuter in both twisties and traffic.

    I'd resigned myself to the Spada for the next couple of years, but spotted a 1985 GSXR 750, that looks from the photo to be in pretty good nick, for sale for about what I could sell the Spada for. It would be more expensive to run, but it's basically a no-money changeover. The bike is about 4 years older than the Spada, but that's not huge in comparison to the ages of both.

    A worthwhile change, do ya think? Any major 'gotchas' with the 85 gixxers?

    Any opinions very welcome.
  2. Is it going to be insured? Comprehensive insurance might surprise you on the old gixxer.
  3. 20+ year old bike...if it has been serviced regularly and there aren't too many known issues, then I'd say go for it :cool:

    And just about every model/marque is coverd by a forum somewhere so another good sourcee of information.

    But parts may be an issue so you could check with wreckers/dealership and see what kind of stock they have. Something I was told was to call a dealership and ask for say a voltage regulator for the bike you want to buy and see how long till they could get it.

    I know restrcitions say you must ride a 250, but IMHO don't know why someone rides a 250 when they have an open licence

    Good luck with it all and look forward to the pics
  4. Thanks both of you for the quick responses (and nobody else should let these responses stop ya from weighing in!) Good call on the insurance, I'll make some calls...
  5. OK, InsureMyRide quotes $279 a year for comprehensive. Being an old bugger helps in that regard.

    Looking online, it looks like basically a case of making sure everything in the suspension and the tyres are in good nick, and being aware they can be a bit twitchy...

    Now to find a forum. ;)
  6. twitchy is good :cool:

    i say DO IT!
  7. Consider how many km the Gix has travelled. This, if near end of life could result in costly rebuild of a motor that is a dinosaur, when compared to the cost of rebuild on the Spada.

    Being in QLD you will no doubt be aware of RWC, and something like brake discs being undersize could be very expensive to replace and hard to source compliant ones given the age of th bike. This is often an overlooked item that doesn't show up until someone measures them for RWC, and by then you usually own it unless current owner supplies RWC (not usually the case on such an old vehicle).
  8. Wow that really surprises me. Go for it I say.
  9. Mate if i can just weigh in an 1985 gsxr would be a good buy if it had about 40 to 45 k and one owner and only sensibly thrashed and never tossed.

    Lets not forget they are only about 170 kilos and they where the start of the real sports bikes if you where around in them days they where selling them by the container load and every body thrashed the living daylights outof them

    Problem areas now effectively on a 22 yearold bike are discs at say 300 each anti dive seals / hydrauilc anti dive / brake fluid

    then there is the accelerator pump ramps in the carbies these can give trouble and are trouble to fix theytend to go every couple of years or so

    The rearshock and linkages need careful checking out because the bearings are not cheap to replace budget for a new rear shock at about 600 bucks

    if your handy with the tools yep go for it but if you pay for everything they can be a money pit
  10. Thanks all for your help and opinions. In the final analysis, the 'devil you know' factor has come out on top of the pile: the gixxer is an unknown quantity, whereas the Spada has been rock solid reliable, first start every start, for all of the 10,000 km I've put on it and looks set to do the same for the foreseeable future. So I'll hang onto it, and just get focused on paying off the debts and dreaming about that SV. Unless the Lotto comes up tonight... ;-)

    Thanks again.
  11. Bravus, a bit of a shameless plug here but i'm selling my SRX6 for around 3300 if you're interested. should certainly have more go than your spada, although not as quick as an sv650. not the best for pillioning (peg position and motor can struggle a bit) though. in any case, give me a yell if you're interested in checking it out.

  12. Thanx man, and your bike is tempting... I've even seen it in the flesh already! But I think the decision for now is to stick with the Spud... it's purring along, and I'm doing a lot less pillioning now my daughter has quit the job I used to have to take her too, and really, most of my trip to work is in 60 and 80 zones so it's a bit of a miracle I still have all my points on the Spud, let alone something bigger. So I guess I'll leave it for 18 months or so and kill the credit cards, then save for a totally sweet late model SV.
  13. Hey Bravus,

    I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I'm looking at a 1989 VT250, for my brother, as a first bike. The one I'm considering has ~21k km on the clock (if it's to be believed), and they want ~$3500 for it - price seems steep for a 16 year old bike, but not too bad if the mileage is genuine. Any opinions?

    You've obviously been happy with yours. Would you recommend this as a first bike? Is there anything we should keep an eye out for in particular, when looking at this bike?