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Opinion Time

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, May 11, 2005.

  1. I'm looking at buy a "cotton" jacket.

    Dririder is obviously dominent in the field, but I've noticed some other brands.

    Has anyone tried these others?

    I'm looking at a 3/4 type thing.

    I've herd they are good in Winter so how do they fair in the middle of summer?

    Dririder has a lot of different models. Whats the difference?

    What the go with cordura vs kevlar vs other wank material?

    More particully has anyone tried the rally cross and is it an everyday proposition?
  2. I have a Summit3, from DriRider, that is okay on days up to about 23degrees... as you can open the venting that comes with it once youve removed the thermal liner. and is a very compfortable jacket.
    I also have a Rally Cross jacket. in my recent altercation with the pavement, it wore straight through to the inside lining (through all of the protective panels) on my left shoulder which as it happens is the more densely woven section. i came off doing just under 60kph, so not one you want to be sliding around the pavement on. But is extremely compfortable in the summer time.

    There are better mesh road jackets around than the rallycross, though probably not as versatile.

    i think for a textile jacket its 500 denier cordura should be the minimum.......(or is that pretty much the standard these days?)
  3. First question is - waterproof or not?
    nonwaterproof will be fine in dry conditions (hot or cold) but for waterproof you DEFINITELY need breathable, and generally the better they breathe the more they cost.
    Even a good waterproof jacket will be a bit sweaty in summer. Maybe more so than leather. Usually they have a removable liner for extra warmth in winter. I think there are some around where the waterproof layer is removeable (which would help a lot) but these are hard to find.
    Cordura has good abrasion resistance, especially the higher denier stuff (tighter weave). Not as good as leather or kevlar, though. Nylon and waxed cotton etc. are pretty shyte for abrasion.
    I know several people who are happy with their Dririders, but also one whose "waterproof" Dririder leaks like a b*st*rd!
    There are plenty of brands around to look at, but read the promises very carefully. "water resistant" means nothing, for example.
  4. Textile (ie Not leather) jackets are something riders should have
    in addition to a leather one..Textile being generally Cordura with Kevlar
    and other manmade stuff

    they can be cooler (with open vents) or warmer (with inner quilted liner)
    than a leather jacket and they also come with armour and lotsa pockets
    Most are pretty waterproof (but you do need a rainsuit if its hissing down)
    but they are NOT as good as leather if you hit the road.

    Do not confuse a modern Textile (DriRider style) jacket with an older waxed cotton style jacket (that needed proofing, leaked and were really, not very good)

    I have a Dririder 'EXTREME' jacket and its good (very good) in the winter
    but not as good in summer (you stick to the inner arms if you are only wearing a Tshirt-the arms are not lined) even if you open the vents.

  5. Summit 3? Summit 2 was just released about 6 weeks ago AFAIK http://www.dririder.com.au/products.asp?menu=40&main=SUMMIT-2

    The Rallyecross offers the best protection and is way more substantial than most other mesh-jackets, looked into that one a while ago. If destroyed in a 60kmh fall, it did it's job (better a $300 jacket than the hassles of a stuffed shoulder), most others are lots thinner/ flimsier.
    It's NOT an all-year jacket though...
    Too "breezy" for winter-use.
    500 dernier is just about standard nowadays, possibly not yet in the "below-$200" segment" though.
  6. Thanks,

    A little the wiser.
  7. You will have to take your cash, attatch it to a string, staple the notes to the salemsman's head and drag him over to the till if you want to buy one though. Only shop I know in Melbourne that doesn't believe in having customers.
  8. I have an old textile Rivet jacket (bought it 4 years ago) and though I wore it every day for 2 years I was never trully happy with it... but it lasted and served well... it was warm and kept me more or less dry. For the past 2 years I have been using a DriRider Summit... It is better but form day one I had issues with the buttons... they keep on poping off!! and I had to replace most of the originals... So I think the quality is bit down (I did buy it at a sale)...
  9. Just an update.

    I ended up buying a Force jacket.

    I compared it to the Dri-rider Nordic 3 and it just seemed to be a bit better and come with both a waterproof and thermal liner.

    Add to that I got it for $225("normally" $450) as opposed to $300 for the dririder.

    I havn't riden with it yet, but it's getting quite chilly in Sydney so I will let you know.
  10. I picked up a RallyeCross at the last Bikemart shopping night, plus the accessories pack which includes CE Armour, Quilted liner and hydroback. I ride most days to work, and with the jacket with waterproof and quilted liner zipped in, plus a thin jumper i'm nice and toasty on the 5 degree mornings.