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opinion poll - first helmet, all other suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. ICON mainframe manic

  2. KBC FFR (flip up)

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  3. HJC CL-SP

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  4. Other - please post your suggestions

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  1. Which helmet in your opinion is better suited as a first helmet
    (if anybody has used/owned any of these helmets could you please post your thoughts about the helmet or PM me please)

    ICON mainframe manic


    KBC FFR (flip up full face)



  2. which one fits you the best?

    find the helmets that best fit you first, then decide the one you want :wink:
  3. Which one's cheapest?

    I'm sure some people with more cash than common sense will object to this, but I think if you spend more than $200 on your first helmet your wasting money.

    The Australian standard for helmets is excellent and any (full-face) helmet will save you in a crash.

    More expensive helmets will give more comfort/less weight, be better for racing etc..

    But as you're just starting out, you won't know what you really want or what you like yet, so the money can be better spent.

    Spend the money you save to buy a proper Jacket/Gloves/Pants/Boots etc...
  4. Or you could ask a knowledgeable salesperson, or a trusted friendly riders opinion, and get a helmet that fits you best, provides good neck clearance for your riding style, is low weight if you feel you would be affected by a heavy(ier) helmet, provides superior noise cancellation, etc ... and put the $200 towards a helmet that is the best for you, instead of just buying teh first cheapest one you come across and perhaps having to buy another soon after and feeling like you perhaps wasted the $200.
  5. if i was on a tight budget (i still am) i would try and save as much as possible without compromising my safety.
    but my parents insist its all or nothing with my first bike. so im willing to spend up to $20,000 for the whole deal

    full protection, bike, whatever i need without any shortcuts

    only reason im not getting a shoei or similar i dont want to go CRAZY with a helmet, but dont want to go really cheap either. mid-range is my target
  6. i do disagree, the helmet is the MOST important piece of kit. they all have to pass the same standards, this is true. but there are no standards for
    *rider fatigue
    *anti fog
    *lastability of interior
    *lastability of exterior (plastic will NOT hold up as long against the elements as fibreglass etc.)

    its your call in the end, but i most definately wont be buying another elcheapo. you dont have to spend up big, but most, if not all of the sub $200 helmets are absolute shyte IMO. they wear out really quickly, better off spending $400+ every 3 or so years than $200 every year....

    but yeah, its not about features or looks. buy the helmet that fits the best, any decent salesman should be able to tell you this and tell you how to get the right fit. anything in the mid range will be a fibre composite and will have good aerodynamics and a good quality interior. fit first, then pretty colours :wink:
  7. SHOIE . KBC are starting to bring out some dcent helmets aswell.
  8. I'd suggest a KBC VR-1 for $300, good compromise. But coconuts and mouth are right - the fit and comfort is important.
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  10. I disagree that the Australian Standard is the be and end all of what you should look for. It is a base line, nothing more.

    Take Shoei for instance. I own an X11, their top line lid. I like the fact that they beat the Snell certification 2 times over. I like the fact they have been making lids for a long time. I love the fact that the lid fits me perfectly. I don't have a two dollar head...
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  12. I'm pleased with my Nitro F317-V. It's a full-face, flip-up model, it fits me well, has removeable/washeable lining, vents on the top and under the visor, and at $300 it was not nasty-cheap, but not too outrageous either.

    PS. Some people claim that helmets built to Snell standard in fact offer less-then optimal protection for your head at more realistic speeds. As I understand it, this is precisely because they are built to withstand such high impact forces - in your average speed accident they don't crumble, therefore don't absorb the shock as well as a 'lesser' helmet would.... I am not really qualified to judge which side of the argument is true, but I think it is someting to keep in mind.
  13. I think beating the snell standard (designed for car racing drivers) is a black mark on a motorcycle helmet...your brain ends up having more energy transfered to it than a better designed helmet.
  14. just go open face saves all the problems
  15. I wouldnt go sub $200, they fall apart bellow that level.

    Sure they all meet the standard protection wise, but build quality is different.
    The cheapo ones will fall apart after 6 months of everyday use.

    The $300 area has some very good helmets with all the nice features. The Sharks, KBC's etc.

    Fit is the area where you dont really have a choice, if its not shaped right for your head than it just cant protect you, cross it off your list.

    With any of your first gear its hard to justify spending a lot because you dont know what to look for, and arent sure just what type of gear you want.
    But dont get cheap junk as you will just be replacing it a few months later.

    Also budget in a tinted visor ($30 to $80 depending on brand) its like a greenhouse in summer without it.
  16. yeah, but they do ALL have to pass that aussie standard :wink:

    and i was reading a big write up on the various optional standards some helmets pass, turns out it makes the helmet WORSE in a lot of cases. this was a yankee write up, so the base standards may be a bit different, but it was still an interesting read.

    the thing with the optional standards is that the helmets have to pass multiple impacts to gain the sticker. what it meant was that the cheaper helmets that just pass the mandatory standards were beating most of the more expensive ones in a single impact test. go to multiple impacts and the more expensive ones blitz ahead, but you replace a helmet after a single stack anyways :?
  17. Yes, but sometimes there'll be multiple impacts in a single collision, so all else being equal, I think the ability to withstand multiple impacts is highly desirable.

  18. but whats the chances of multiple impacts being all very heavy hits? its most likely that if there are more than one impact, any others will be fairly minimal in comparison. its not that the cheaper ones disintegrate after a hit, they just dont provide the same level of protection for a second hit.

    personally, i'd MUCH prefer a helmet designed to protect you better for 1 hit than one designed to take multuple hits at the expense of the initial protection. each to their own i guess, but thats how i look at it :)
  19. From the link posted several times on this forum regarding the snell and dot certs; Snell certs require that the helmet can sustain two impacts in the same place. Thus meaning the foam has to be denser, meaning less protection with a single blow. The stats they provide suggest that the requirment for this is extreamly low. The KBC VR-1 is snell cert'd - next helmet I buy won't be.
  20. I would suggest you do a fair bit more research.. By research I mean go an try on different helmets from the various price ranges and different brands.. Also check the companies websites to compare construction... Most of the time you can see why you are paying $900 verses $200..

    The other thing you will find is some brands wont fit your head shape.. e.g. AGV dont fit well with me.. Arai are ok, Shoei fantastic, Shark Fantastic.. etc.. You will have different experience..

    Its fun trying on all the different helmets.. Even if you have no plans on purchasing the expensive models..

    Happy shopping..