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Opinion or Attack?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. I have been on this forum for about 5 months and in the last week I have seen a complete switch from people posting options to posting attacks and some personal.

    We all have a right to express our opinion on any subject, but its seems that more and more people want their opinion and attack the other persons opinion in the same post.


    People behind keyboards have feelings too, if you want to hurt people there's a good boxing ring I can recommend.
  2. Some robust debate about a subject is always good, but when it degenerates into attacking the PERSON, rather than their argument, it's gone too far.

    I would have to say that, in the time that I've been a member, the general tone at the moment is about the best that I've experienced.

    Isn't it amazing how people's perceptions are different?

    Keep it light and keep it nice, peoples.
  3. Can I just add, steve that there has been a certain individual who has seemd to make it his mission in life to attack me in every way he can over the last few months and I have taken the position of not replying to him at all and not even reading what he posts.

    It has been extremely difficult not defending my position on a whole range of subjects, but I have refused to be drawn into a fight and I am going to continue to do so.

    I made a lot of enemies when i first came here by brawling with all and sundry and it got me precisely nowhere.
  4. never had a problem but generally i wil just express an opinion and then just follow it's progress to see what others have to say.
  5. Unfortunately a very big issue with communication in general these days, is that very few people can seperate the emotion from the facts or discussion. It is still possible to be passionate about an issue without personally attacking people. I think that it is excellent to having different points of view being discussed but must admit I shy away when the going gets rough. Not a chicken, just cannot be bothered to argue especially when it gets personal. Who cares if my mother wears army boots..:LOL:
    I used to be mentored by somewhat of a stalwart at work, we used to go into meetings and he would object to everything that was said. One day I asked him why he did this, he replied that the most of the people in the group are subjected to group think and descisions are made with no discussion, by him objecting the problem used to be discussed and a solution used to be nutted out. There will be people that will object to everything that is said but there doesn't have to be emotion and namecalling involved to get the desired discussion happening.
  6. The easy way to get around a numbskull who attacks the person rather than the argument is to slip below their cover and make them look like complete twats by either taunting teasing or sticking to the subject matter and reminding them that they should stick to the facts and that attacking the person is counterproductive to their argument.
    Having said that there are some precious oversensitive souls here who get offended way too easily or get their backs up at the slightest dig or provocation or challenege to their intelligence, like Nodz said an opinion is an opinion and the emotion behind it cannot be seen too well.
    The people who attack the person rather than the argument and bring in furphys like attacking what they ride because they think they are being funny or insulting (hi Padros :LOL: ) just don't know how to carry on a decent debate.
    We should call the netrider forum Parliament house as the levels of argument tend to degenerate that way.

    :LOL: :shock:
  7. I got PM's that attacked me (misunderstanding once I explained and person apologised, and still yak to each other) but I don't recall anybody putting anything in public attacking me.

    I'll say stuff and my opinion to their faces too, but I try not to judge them (who am I to judge people for speeding, riding stupid, being a slow rider when I've been there, done that??). I don't think I've personally attacked anybody either. If I have then basically it boils down to hormones and will make me a grouchy bear. (That's a fact ppls) :oops: :roll: Usually I tell people to leave me alone until I'm over it and if they don't heed me, well I've warned them....
  8. theres no need to attack a person directly , debate the topic is all fine.
    the reason things come to it is , people posts as well

    for example :
    when people post comments like these pushing other agenda's hidden within a thread that has no direct relevance on it.
    making the issue personal , people will respond , likewise.

    I know its not right , but people need to think about what they write and say before they post it .

    also one other reason why people get cranky is the sugar coating of replys , if something needs to be said , people will skip around it until someone comes out and just says it .
    then they are jumped on from great heights by everyone else .

    thats my view on it and we will see if i get a caining for it
  9. Written conversation is hard at times.

    Gramma becomes important.

    I've had some replies which were less then polite, because someone didn't pay attention to a comma or similar.

    Maybe, if we think something is rude, we should read it again and we should read our own stuff before we send it off.
  10. All in good time ya bloody knob.......



    (that was a joke btw) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Good advice, maybe we could get our profiles changed to exclude thier posts, maybe a dislike list that suppresses thier posts from your login.

    goddamn pacifists, let the bloody knuckles begin... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!! :LOL:
  13. damit, i want to change my vote to yes have had a personal attack NOW. :p see above :wink:

    and if people's attiudes don't change i am leaving :cry: :p :LOL:

  14. if there is an issue.

    use a tissue

  15. I'm happy to have lively debates on opinions, but I won't diss anyone unless I've met them face to face.
  16. ..............I'm here to talk bikes with people who ride bikes.................

    altough I think I'm gonna be really PERSONALLY attacked by firefling and flipper at next coffee night! :)
  17. I'm all for people expressing themselves but i can't help biting back at those who have a go at me first, not just on these forums but everywhere else as well.
  18. Nothing wrong with the odd biff here and there.
    Natural dynamics of any "family", a good thunderstorm and drenching clears the air.
    If people would be too thin-skinned, there wouldn't be any NetRider around anymore, Jason/ Vic and other regulars have copped it time and again, some of it quite personal.
    They shrugged it off and things went back to "normal"....
  19. I don't feel as though i have been personally attacked. I mean some people say shit a bit out of line, but it is generally read out of line or is deserved. I don't think anybody here has said anything untrue about me. If they have it has been behind my back and then i may be upset, but hey. Keep it real. There is bait on a hook and then there is a stick of dynamite.
  20. You all can go fourth and multiply ya bunch of rock ape knuckle shuffling neandethol soft corks. Why don't ya get ya mummy to wipe ya tears and pat ya on bums :shock: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)

    Oh what was this topic about :wink: