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opinion on ZX-9R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Androo, May 24, 2005.

  1. hey guys, I'm considering a 97-98 ZX-9R as an upgrade.

    Any opinions guys?

  2. If they were anything like the ZX6R they suffer from freezing carbs. Bad problem to have. Nothing worse than your carbs freezing and you losing power on the Hume hwy every other km of travel.

    As for the usefull info that you require, I'm sure someone will answer soon :)
  3. freezing carbs? interesting.. I'll have to look into that
  4. Well you'll want to get the 98 model if you get one mate,they were the newer versions that actually had some ability to handle bumps and corners and also had more grunt.Watch out for gearbox problems,they were a bit prone to them,had to have a gearbox of one of mine rebuilt,bike had done 30,000ks when i picked it up and i got 2000k out of it before it crapped out(lucky it still had 2 months of the factory warranty left!)Previous owner was a bit harsh on it i guess? Re: the carbs icing up,i do believe if you get them rejetted it can help prevent that problem.
    In a straight line they're as quick as an 98R1 but when it comes to cornering they lose out big time.Comfy bike though.Ohh yes,you'll want a steering damper for one as well. Good luck with it matey. :D :wink: 8)
  5. so you dont think this is worth it?

    edit: oops! wrong url
  6. no its not, if you go to that link you will be very dissapointed, very sluggish, iced up, bald tyres, and cant handle the shit oooppppssss handles like shit
  7. I loved my zx9(98 model) . Handle was gr8 , speed off the mark made me c&^$#m . But 3 or 4 months after selling mine i found out that 2nd gear was gone and the fellow had to get the gearbox rebuilt (had done about 36000) . This i didnt know was a problem at the time i had mine . I felt terrible about what happened :cry: .
  8. Androo, ask here in the Kawasaki forum www.ksrc-au.com. There's plenty of them in there.
  9. And plenty of them here too :D
  10. 9Rs..??
    great bikes, much underrated
    very very quick and not much in way of vices....
    a word of warning...
    watch out for ones that have been wheelied a lot (it is very easy to do)
    stuffs the headstem and front end
    and also causes 2nd gear problems as people boot em into a higher gear
    mind you
    these issues of course, apply to any 2ndhand bike

    find a reasonably good one and you will be very happy
    as they are pretty easy to ride (fast or slow) and are mechanically sound

    I think Kwaka did themselves a disservice by discontinuing the 9R
    when the 10R came out...completely different bike

    ask the 9R owners here or on the Kwaka Sportsbike site
    (as Kaz suggested) don't think you will be disappointed

  11. The 9R was always the more road focussed of the sports bikes. For that it always had an underrated point of view... but for most folk, the 1 - 2 secs less on the track meant zero on the road.

    The '02 and '03 models were the most sorted out of the series [as you'd hope being the end of the line!]. The power delivery is completely linear, no lumps or bumps.

    Carby's means less to go wrong, though I've heard of but never seen the mid '90's icing problems.

    The induction howl is just the horniest sound. Reeoow.

    A mate of mine has the '98 or '99 9R - can't remember which, and he hasn't had any problems.

    KSRC or sportbikes.net [or sportsbike.net] will have plenty of opinions on the matter.

    I love my 9R... but now that I'm a bit older... the new sprint ST is calling my name... that battle won't play out for another year though... finances being what they are.


  12. thanks for the info guys, I think I'll have to ride one before I rule it out, but I'll definitely look at other options
  13. update: I test rode one today (search on bikesales, its the one in rosebud, 95 model with 40k kms)

    This is my opinion of it compared to my bike:
    - feels heavier but in a nice solid way
    - stiffer suspension
    - riding position is more aggressive but still comfy
    - brakes pretty average in comparison
    - screen is very low
    - custom modified exhaust sounds a bit sloppy
    - engine sounds smooth but carbs seem out of tune
    - heaps of torque/power, delivered nice and calmly

    overall, the zx-9r seems like a pretty good bike, so i might check out a few more :)
  14. I had a quick crack on a mate's worked up 1998 model... 180hp he reckoned, and I wasn't going to argue.

    It seemed to be a bit grumpy in the morning, took a while to warm up and settle down. It's a great big thing to sit on, and I'm not that keen on being hunched over like that, even though it's less racy than other bikes.

    It felt a bit mumbly at town speeds but up over 80 it felt rock solid. Cornering seemed okay, not my style of bike so I can't really comment.

    The power, however, made me nearly pack my dacks. Lower in the rev range it lacked the get up and go of my detuned Hornbag, but once the powerband hit... wow! Front wheel came up at 200k in third and I knew it was time to pack up my bat and ball and run home before I hurt myself.

    Brakes felt kind of stiff in comparison to my Hornet, although that's a newer bike and has had a much easier life.

    There you go, the impressions of somebody who doesn't know much.

  15. that's a really good description! looks like the bike didnt change much between the B and C models.

    I'd be interested to know what mods it took to get 180hp!! :D
  16. He reeled them off for me but my heart was still leaping out of my chest and hands shaking from adrenalin, so I can't really remember. I think he simply had a race pipe and jet kit fitted, but I'll find out more for you if you end up picking up the 9R so you can follow in his demented footsteps.

    I dunno what you'd do with it all... I'm downgearing the Hornet to bring the powerband back into road-usable speeds - and that's a detuned motor to start with! Davo's 9R didn't start really getting interested until you were already doing 70 or so in first gear.
  17. there is alot of difference mate,the C models were a shiteload better!!Dont go a B model unless you're strapped for cash. :wink:

    180hp from a pipe and rejet isnt gonna happen either,try about 145-155 max from that sort of upgrade. :D