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Opinion on bike's value

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nozila, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I dont know where to put this so I thought I'd place it here - please move it to appropriate section if required.

    So I've been offered a good price on a bike. Did a PSSR and turns out its a repairable write off. Makes putting the bike a pain the arse to reregister but perhaps would be ideal for a track bike.

    So what do you guys/girls think? Bike is a 07 R1 with some front end damage. So requires at least new front forks. He's asked 2.5K for it.

  2. there a lot of factors to be consider.
    First- 2.5k + repair cost
    Have to admit R1 with 2.5k is very tempting until I heard something like damage front end. So I have to think about how much its gonna cost me . The suitable front fork will cost you at least 1k from what I remember ( Ohlins ) and you will not be fixing just that ...
    Second - Mileage
    I would consider how much I need to spent in total then compare with R1 available in market with price VS mileage . I think you wouldnt like to spent a bit more with trouble free same model bike ?
    Third - Do you really intended to turn it into a track bike ?
    In my opinion , I'd spend money for something practical. I dont buy things because I have money. I rode my friend's R1 once and it's a good bike . I have no objection if somebody willing to buy one. It really depends on what you wanna turn it into.
    Weekend blast ? Commuter ? Track bike ? and you have to keep in mind that if you buy it - it worths your money.
    Forth - Further expense.
    Let's say you are going to use it on daily basis or less- weekend ride. You will have to take trouble re-registering it and that's gonna be further more expense. Sum up and compare to other R1 on sale.

    How bad it looks anyway ?
    Only see front end needs some work still cant get a picture of how much it's gonna cost for fix it.
  3. Thanks for replying. And some good factors I overlooked.

    1. I've looked into the repairs hence why perhaps being a dedicated track bike much be the best option for this bike. Simply because putting it back on the road with the current laws is nothing but strict and simply expensive + time consuming. I have a spare set of 03 front forks but I dont think they will fit the 07 spec due to triple tree OD/ID.
    2. Unknown as speedometer was lost/damaged or something along those lines. Best to my knowledge, there is none.
    3. Refer to 1.
    4. I cant seem to see any further expense. Also, if were are talking added expensive in terms of cost to track these bikes or any bikes. Sure, you have tyres, fluids, brake pads, transportation etc (perhaps netriders who regularly track their bikes could provide some input here)

    I've already got an 03 R1 as my daily. And another 2 for different types of riding. I think what I want to ask is if the value in terms of a dedicated track bike - is it worth it?
  4. If you really aim to make it a track bike then 2.5k + fixing is ideal price because normally when we turn a normal bike to be a trackie -it costs far more than that.
    The last thing to worry about is the ODO lol:LOL:
  5. Turning a road to track bike doesnt seem cost effective. Although I guess, some dont have a choice whilst for others its a preference.

    I would love to put it back on the road, but it might just be too much hassle. Unless over a period of time, and collecting the right parts to transform it back to stock pops up. Best approach and to make use of the bike is to track it.

    Hence why I'm asking opinions about the bikes value - price wise.
  6. This kind of thing is hard to tell depends on your budget as well.
    I can say that R1 is a wreck but still good for running if you fix it but doesnt mean it will be road worthy .
    Lets say I have 4k and this bike come up , I'd have a look for a better choice anyway. I personally would buy this R1 but will not expect it to be a compete-able trackie- just a hobby track bike that I have been working on it .
    I used to buy crappy old bikes and made them run better-look better but in the end of the day the cost of doing so is more expensive than buying brand new yet the performance is nothing to compare. old is old. so just hobby-doesnt worth money.

    If you can extend your budget , I suggest to look for better R1 unless you happy with what it is.
    I'd take it , work on it but keep in mind this hobby wont worth money.

    Anyway just my opinion. Still waiting if someone else make any suggestion.
  7. I know exactly what you mean by buying crappy bikes and making them run. My 2 XS's are prime examples.
  8. heh I guess we love doing the same thing LOL:beer:
  9. Life is short. Have fun. It's only money.
  10. "At least" new forks?..... you'd have to check and see if the frame is undamaged.

    One of the down sides of upside down forks is that a front end hit transfers a lot of the force to the front part of the frame at the steering head (or whatever it's really called).

    Dunno about SA, but in NSW, if that part of the frame is damaged it's pretty well impossible to register, but, if it can be welded up, it could be OK for a track bike.
  11. Hey all for your opinions. Im not going to go ahead with the purchase. As for NSW, anything dropped (if gone through insurance) is a statutory write off. Although perhaps they were able to bridge that to all states now. re-birthing, dodgy repairs etc etc
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