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Opinion on bike for new rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sugarnspice, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi, I hope this is the correct area to post this question. I apologise if it's not, it's taking me a while to figure out what goes where on the forum.
    A friend of mine has asked my opinion of her buying a CFMoto leader 150, she can get a 2011 model with 4500kms on it for $1700. My first question is, do others think this bike would be suitable? My thoughts are that she would outgrow a 150 pretty quickly, I don't know anything about the type of bike that is, maybe it has more power than my VTR 250? As you can maybe tell, I am new to this bike business myself so need all the help I can get. My second question is, if this would be a suitable bike, does that price seem reasonable.
    Thanks in advance for your help and any advice I can pass onto her.

  2. Its Chinese and I am sure that they are only $2500 new, so I think it is too dear.

    $1100-$1200 would be ok, as long as he realised that he would be best to service it himself or knew somewhere that would work on it before he bought it.
  3. My only experience with these bikes are through where I did Qride, they had a couple of these bikes and they struggle with highway speeds even with a smaller rider. Not sure about the price, but she could get a honda cb125e for not much more if this is the type of bike she is after around that budget. The bike definitely doesn't have the power of your vtr 250 and if she is looking at doing similar rides to yourself Linda such as the group ride we particiated in a few weeks ago then she will 'outgrow' it immediately.
  4. it depends what she uses it for and what she likes..............if shes more of a scooter rider then it might be fine.

    A more important question is......................is she hot and do you have pictures of her confirming that shes hot ;)?
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  5. Yes thats needed for bike recommendation
    Std question pretty much
  6. They are cheap "and chinese and only $2600 ish new with a 24 month warranty so NO

    And no sorry bike reviews Questions and suggestions :)

  7. i've had my nod button taken from me for the time being...but rest assured - I am nodding at you for this post.
  8. I actually thought that maybe I should have mentioned that she is 25 and yes she is hotish!
  9. ps, we'll have to go for a ride again one day Dan, I'm happy to say my confidence is back and I'm doing ok.
  10. Pictures !!!
  11. Good to hear it's goin well, yep another ride soon would be good, might try and organise a newbie ride in the next couple of weeks.