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OPH - Channel 7 filming

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrChicken, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Guys,

    I understand that Channel 7 will be filming on the Old Pacific Highway on Sunday. This is an MCC initiative to record road surface problems. It will from about 10am to midday and between Berowra and the river.

    If you're on the OPH that day, make sure you ride responsibly. Images of riders doing stupid things (not that we do, of course) won't be a good look.

  2. Sunday, I'll stay home. For the good of the community of course...

    Thanks for the info.
  3. your efforts though valiant, 5 will get you one that there will be the usual cocks up there doing balance point wheel stands for the camera. hopefully it will piss down rain to keep the tossers away.
    glad to hear about the publicity though, hopefully a rocket will get fired up hornsby councils arse over the matter.
  4. Apparently this went to air in Sydney tonight. I missed it but Mum rang me to say: "You be very, very careful when you go riding up there." :)
  5. Yep it was on Ch7 news and there was talk of lawyers being involved in some discussions in regards to litigation.......good shots of bike riders as well (acting responsibly) :grin:
  6. Litigation? What for?
  7. The lawyer Ch7 interviewed mentioned the RTA could be liable for damages should an accident occur, due to the condition of the road. I saw (and recorded; must figure out how to get Media Centre recording into DivX for posting) the segment and the road was utter ratshit. I would estimate a good 30 to 40% of the entire surface filmed was tar snake. The reporter mentioned that a biker had come off on the corner they were filming on just that morning.

    The segment was actually quite good. There was none of the usual "motorbike riders are evil and get to do thing you as car drivers dont so you should be outraged" type stuff. The Ch7 reporter spoke with an MCCNSW person on scene as well.

    *Edit* and yeah, I found it reaaally amusing that the three or four bikers who were along for filming acted _very_ responsibly while being filmed around corners. I seriously doubt whether those twisties have ever seen such slow two-wheel action before, short of a pushbike :)
  8. Please do post the segment. I, and I'm sure others, would certainly be interested.
  9. If only I had the record button on when I saw this. That is some serious road snakes they've got there.

    A while back, there was a bit of a up roar on the over use of tar snakes or ribbons to patch up roads in Canberra.

    It's bad enough that the lane markers are death traps in the wet, we don't need anything else.
  10. I'll try to get it on youtube this afternoon
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  12. So the RTA will inspect the road (like they didnt know how bad it was!)
    I think the threat of legal action might make them consider to actually do something, its a terrible bit of road.

    I can just imagine it being re-sealed, then they drop the speed limit to 60km/h like the other half of the old road (the part with the nice surface :roll: )
  13. Thanks for that! It feels strange hearing a supportive news story...twilight zone?
  14. SHIT Train delays on the Illawarra line!

  15. i wish they could have got Anna Coren to go feral on the RTA...they are a bunch of cowboys who don't care about motorcyclists. :evil:
  16. The RTA will just close the road if it is an issue, and just leave open small sections for property access etc.
    They've done it before on other roads.
    Frankly, they cannot be legally held liable for any accident caused by their roads, it is written quite clearly in legislation.
    Some road users should learn when to shut teh fcuk up and enjoy what they have.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. except they cant do that on the old pacific highway as they need to divert traffic on to it when theres major accidents on the motorway, which has already happened a few times in the last year. So its in their interests to keep the road up to a decent standard.
  18. Something should also be done on the other northbound option.
    The entrance onto the freeway past Berowra.

    Lane wide consecutive pot holes, pits, and bumps just as you are merging with traffic and have your attention elsewhere. Not to mention the rail pit that tries to tell your wheels where to go, if you get in it. I did this in the dry, outside of peak hour in the daytime and it was far far far from a pleasant experience. Add rain, 6pm darkness and peak hour and its an accident waiting to happen.

    I know that part of the Freeway is being worked on, but atemporary fix would not go astray.
  19. If we're talking about the stretch of the Old Pacific Highway that runs parallel to the F3, I think they've beaten Typhoon to the punch. :?
  20. But what about the late trains!!!!!!!!