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OPH 2 incidents over the past 2 days...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snake, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    Had a cracker of a day out on the OPH yesterday. Moving to newy 5 years back I rarely venture down and realised how good the trip is and its not really that far.

    Just wondering if anyone knew the bloke that came off near mooney creek yesterday. Apparently had a pillon on board and had a crash with a ute. I would have just passed through just before that happened. Then news today saying another bloke came off over a bridge...Hoping everyone is ok....

    Cheers all,

  2. Nothing to see here, weekly occurrence and I have to ask if you thought the road fun at 60km/h which much of it is now?

    Or did you speed to enjoy it?
  3. Can I remind of the restrictions on posting "Rider Down" posts, or rider down posts by stealth?????
  4. hornethornet, are you please able to direct me to this? not entirely sure what you are referring to (other than guessing it's about protecting rider anonymity) and I just want to be clear on what this means. thanks.
  5. Mate. Can you delete this post. J
  6. You want me to incriminate myself? You don't have to ride the OPH at a high speed to enjoy it.
  7. I suspect that the exact wording has disappeared in the last couple of rejigs of the site but we used to have this wording in the Terms and Condtions;
    Please note the Terms and Conditions of the Forum

    Changes to Forum Terms and Conditions (Rules)
    The terms and conditions in the first post have been updated with the following addition ...

    * DON'T post a topic about a bike accident unless someone involved in the accident is personally known to you, or you yourself was involved.

    This means topics with, as example, "I saw a bike smashed on xxx, anyone know or have more details?" or posting of newspaper articles are not permissible.
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  8. cool thanks mate
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