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Operational v-12 diesel engine that fits in the palm of your hand.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by joetdm, Jun 23, 2012.


    THIS IS AMAZING.....Watch it all the way through, he machines, assembles and runs this little engine...

    This is not CNC technology; this guy made everything at home on his lathe and drill press. Took 1220 hours (a year and a half?) to make the 261 pieces. Note the end-loaded crankshaft into the block (like an Offy), 12 individual cylinder heads, TINY rods and pistons, dual "underhead" cams with pushrods to rockers in the heads. And, he did break-in runs using an electric drill driving the crankshaft!

    Even if you're not an engineer, you'll appreciate this!

  2. :shock: UNBELIEVABLE: I couldn't turn it off!!!!
  3. Joe that is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Thank you.
  4. That is incredibly cool.

    Not looking forward to setting the valve clearances. [-(
  5. That's well cool.

    I remember the dodgy job I did on a gasket scraper back in year 10 Pal Mechanics, almost to the details of his engine, almost.
  6. Excellent, what patience he has.
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  8. I want one!
  9. Oh my god! The splendor of each component! The man's a genius.
    It actually really does sound like a diesel engine is what's got me really amazed! It would be the ultimate engine for an RC rock climber. How is lubrication achieved for these?
  10. Been posted before.

    It only runs by air power, no actual combustion involved.
  11. Even though this is a pure pneumatic engine it is still brilliant..
    Thanks for sharing (y)
  12. For those who are interested in seeing what else is being done in the world of miniature engines, this is a good site to start from. The site itself mostly concentrates on model aircraft engines of various flavours but there are regular features and links to folk hacking stuff like mini-Merlins or multi-row radials out of the solid.
  13. well then the thread title is wrong and it's not really a diesel engine :(
  14. Even being air powered, that is fantastic!
  15. Absolutely exquisite!, that would be incredible to design and fabricate such delicate parts like that.