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NSW Operation Saturation February 2015

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by AyeKay, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. This operation, which has run in previous years, has again been instigated to target a bad start to the year road toll wise - including 13 motorcycle deaths.

    Runs from Sat 7 February to Wed 18 February, involving high-visibity policing.

    NSW Police press release here.

    Media announcements likely to follow this afternoon.
  2. Heard that on the news this arvo on my way home.......wonder if it will work?....
  3. Generate revenue,... Yes it will.
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  4. From the article: "... or correct helmets ..."

    Cameras off, peeps. They be watchin'.
  5. Cool, means the M4 might move faster now the cars won't be sitting on the side of the road doing rego checks.
  6. There's a Southern Cross Drive bicycle lane blitz apparently.
  7. And cameras. In fact, better just not riding at all.
  8. And that, folks, is the strategy in a nutshell.
  9. I assumed the 'correct helmets' was included because of the mention of seatbelts, just so that the english didn't look garbled (because they were speaking of bikes and cars).

    Trust me, I am an authority on garbled english ;)
  10. gramlordgramlord Nothing in the article says anything about helmets that I can see. Do you work for News Corp??
  11. “Speeding, drink or drug driving, failing to wear seat belts or correct helmets, mobile phone use and fatigue are all key risk factors in fatal crashes which Traffic & Highway Patrol officers will focus on.
  12. My bad, maybe I should put chrome in the right spot so I can see the bottom bit :facepalm:
  13. All other considerations aside, though, 44 people dead in the first 36 days of the year is pretty terrible....
  14. It's a very unfortunate statistical blip. I am dissecting some silver trevally at the moment. I just came across a couple with unusually large gonads. That doesn't mean that all trevally now have big nads. Just like the start to the year doesn't mean people are driving or riding any worse and need more big stick to make them drive or ride better.
  15. Agreed, there are all sorts of this-time-of-the-year factors at play, I'm sure. What amuses me is the on-the-road realities of these so-called blitzes; on the last DD weekend I travelled a fair bit, in my area and out of it, and saw one cop car........
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  16. Yeh, weird. Saw maybe one or two cops on road over the christmas/NY dd period. Driving to Batemans a week'n bit before christmas I passed 9 hwp. Couldn't believe it.
  17. I think its to do with no more LAC control of the Hwy Patrol,seems it state based control and they mob an area now.Did the M2,M7 M4 mid week twice.First day saw a marked car every 5ks parked up.Next day saw zero.
    Got a club run on Sunday,I should ring and ask where they plan to be.
  18. That's because the RMS pays them to sit on the side of the road and check rego's.
  19. Alternatively, ride accordingly where the cops are likely to be while on your way to roads where the cops almost certainly won't be. For some of you this may involve quite a hike, for me not so much. If only I wasn't broke.