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operation road safe, syd: (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by idontlikemondays, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. yep, its that time again. i guess they gave the coppers a week off after apec now its back with a vengance. the operation is publised as targeting speeding. most active times i have noticed is in school zones. but i have seen more hwy patrol activity in general, including RBTs. dont do anything too stupid :)
    (if you are caught speeding in a school zone you are a numptie and deserve the extra pentalties imho)

  2. ok people, seriously. ignore this warning at your own risk. people are getting done left right and centre at the moment. 3 people i know have lost their license in the last 3 days. the coppers clearly arnt friggen around at the moment. 75% of trips im just on the bike, i see some one pulled over for speeding.
    SLOW THE fcuk DOWN!
    all these people have been done on suburban roads too. whats the point in speeding here? no gain what so ever....
  3. Yea, i've seen a few more coppers around then normal, no one pulled over yet though. If your heading down the Hume, there's been a few GD cars with radars and HP cars out and about near the Picton exit...
  4. Do they require a radar lock to get you for speeding? Or can they "estimate based on their observations"? Would they do you for reckless driving or something taking corners too fast?

  5. now this just might be rumor but a colleague told me this morning that the popo is out there with vengence to make up for all that money that was spent on apec.

    anyhoo, another colleague who rides recently lost his license for 6mths and has to fork out $1600.

    be prepared and carry some lube with ya if you get caught! :LOL:
  6. police.nsw.gov.au

  7. I'm assuming thats a typo there.... a cyclist going 171 km/h??!?!?! :rofl: :tantrum:
  8. And as soon as they can't get a reading on your bike/car they pull you over anyway, search it, find the jammer, and give you a bigger fine then you would have gotten in the 1st place :LOL:
  9. number 3 sounds rather close to home...
  10. Yeah :cry:
  11. Oops :oops:

    Thats complete crap, the ticket said 126
  12. Probably took a few kms off for the ticket.
  13. Like it made any difference though
  14. I saw a couple of police cars semi hidden at Mona Vale road last night. I wasn't speeding tho.