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VIC Operation Pipedown

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Just found this:


    Might have to put the stock pipes back on for a bit :(
  2. This bit's a worry as well...

    I suspect that these "spotting reports" will continue long after this particular operation.
  3. So, how are they going to TEST this hypothesis? Will they have properly calibrated noise meters set up and used according to the manufacturer's specificatons? What do you reckon?
  4. Is there anything we can do? Or are we just going to lie down and take it up the......

    IMHO there is an argument to put up. But, is there enough desire to back it. Seems not based on past feedback....
  5. nah they will just ping you and then it is up to you to get it checked at Vicroads.
  6. I'm going in for a test on Tuesday.
    I suppose I'll leave my stock pipes on for a little longer than I'd planned.
  7. Are they introducing new laws to do with noise polution etc, or are they simply enforcing/policing the existing laws heavily.

    If it's new laws then there may be a chance to fight it based on ADR's etc. But if they are simply enforcing already existing laws, then I'm afraid you've just got take it up the a.r.s.e.

    Surely, anyone with a non OEM pipe, or modified OEM pipe knows that it has the potential to be illegal.

    Sometimes it shits me when people knowingly and willingly break the law and then whinges about it when they get caught.
  8. It'll be like normal I suspect, someone says you're too loud, off you go to get tested, pay money for the privilege.

    I'm not sure there is an argument to put up John. What do you have in mind? Riding into the CBD in peak hour & revving our bikes will not win us any friends...

    My stock pipes are going back on until this dies down & they find a new scapegoat to ream.
  9. Just enforcing the existing ones as far as I can see.

    Hence the warning. No excuses now!
  10. That is a worry. If it's subjectively then it's not measured with a metering device. It will be - it sounds loud. So the note produced can make a difference in how loud it sounds.
  11. Has MRAV seen the media campaign or will you get a look? I wonder if it is going to be just a rationalisation for issuing lots of fines, or a genuine attempt (misguided or not) to get people to keep things quieter?

    This is one issue that I think MRAV should state a position on as clearly as possible, keeping it rational and reasonable, of course.

    Also it strikes me that this one is pointedly NOT aimed at Harleys in particular, so there might be some support if a lot of sports bikes get pinged for trivialities.
  12. Nanny state.
  13. how the F%!k do harleys get away with it
  14. :nail:
  15. I like to way noisey exahust is coupled with anti-social wtf?
  16. Ever been woken up at 2am by some inconsiderate prick revving the crap out of his modified V8, I have, and I'd call it anti-social.
  17. We've just become aware of this so no, not yet.

    John made a lot of noise about this last year and had little support. The hard part is finding a consensus. Check the results of the poll we've just started here as already you can see the issue has mixed opinions.

    My personal feeling is that we cannot condone breaking the law, but as part of our charter, perhaps the law itself needs to be reviewed based on evidence. The difficulty is that there is no scientific evidence to prove or disprove the "loud pipes saves lives" assertion so our only alternative at present is to lobby for a proper study to be made. I've stated before that there does appear to be an inequity in that trucks are allowed a higher limit, why can't we equal that?

    If many of us get busted over the course of this operation then perhaps we will get more support for action. I'm open for ideas on what we can do now.
  18. try getting the police to turn up in the inner city to quieten down a party at 3am ..........................................................................................................................................................................

    suppose they got time enough to worry about noise during the day, just not at night.
  19. While I voted 'yes' loud pipes saves lives, I've had some close calls my wifes M750 which has staintunes minus the baffles.

    I think of it a bit like locks on doors. Locks will keep out honest people, loud pipes will make an aware person more aware, but if they are on the phone and/or listening to 'doof doof' music then nothing will help.