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VIC Operation Motus

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, May 16, 2016.

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  1. “The changes have been slowly implemented over the past few weeks and we’ve already received positive feedback from both riders and drivers alike,” AS Fryer said.

    “If you’re a motorcyclist in Victoria who hasn’t been checked by police lately, expect that to change.”

    hahaha you victorians are totally screwed.
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  2. Wouldn't you just stop wearing gear other than a helmet to start wasting theor time? The more time on this the less tine getting people for three kms over.
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  3. Even hearing about this in NSW on the morning news
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  4. Which got me thinking that as a Helmet is the only legal requirement, what basis do they have for "inappropriate gear"? Learners with vests not zipped up? Thongs (footwear, please no pictures of Borat), shorts, singlets? O.K. they could give you a warning but could they fine you? At the risk of starting an ATGATT argument. Possibly the only "appropriate gear" is leathers or quality textiles, fitted with armour (which bits?). Gloves with knuckle armour, Riding boots that offer some ankle hyper extension protection.
  5. Can of worms officially opened :p
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  6. I saw a bike on Johnston St just east of hoddle st pulled over today - looked like it might have been for a similar offence. I wondered if some sort of campaign was going on as I live near there and have never seen motorcycle police around there.

    The problem most people make when they self represent is that they do not know how to make a legal argument. They might be making a logical and rational argument, but to be successful it needs to be one that the court can accept given the rules of evidence etc. While I get the frustration and annoyance people have, in a lot of cases the magistrates are bound legally in how they can rule - and over years have no doubt had time wasted by people who self represent without a clue how to make a legal argument. That said, that is not an excuse for them to have prejudice against people who self represent - and by all accounts that does happen to some extent. It just is not the complete story.

    Whether you are actually guilty or not is irrelevant - it is whether you can show that the police officer does not have sufficient evidence to uphold the charge. Unfortunately, in most cases they can cite that they are trained in observation and are an expert which is what makes it hard.

    From a purely strategic viewpoint - I reckon it is worth trying the official warning and paying the $145 and 0 points if that fails - unless you think your time is worth more than $145 and the potential risk of the full fine.
  7. VP announced an official 'anything and everything' motorcycle blitz, so yes it is a campaign, but not just filtering. Expect to be pulled over and checked during this period, and they've also made a point about checking 'protective gear' (read 'helmets'). I personally would not be tempting fate with a head cam right now unless you feel like being the next test case.
    They are going to go by the book for a few weeks, zero tolerance at the very least.
  8. Interesting - the cop looked at me pretty decently as I rode past but was preoccupied... Not that I was doing anything that could be bookable - but it was clear that he was clearly looking. In prior campaigns, I have always been ignored for the most part.
  9. I love this sentence from the statement:
    “There are certain aspects of policing motorcycles that can’t be done by vehicles,” AC Fryer said.
    if they can't use vehicles, is there a bunch Vic police running around the streets on foot? :LOL:
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  10. #13 Nicholai_Chev, May 16, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2016
    Your favourite members of society have put down their donuts and picked up their ticket books to enforce safety and put the state back into surplus!

    Starting from today (May/16) and quite consistently police will be pulling over almost every motorcyclist and trying their best to bust you for:
    • Unlicensed riders or those riding outside the conditions of their license
    • Speed (filtering aswell)
    • Impairment
    • Unsafe and/or illegal behaviour and conduct
    • Inappropriate protective clothing

    I've heard personally that they are co-operating with the TAC and handing out the usual propaganda.
    This week would not be the best time to test out your fully sick burnout or ride your unregistered trackback to work.

    Operation Motus moves motorcycles into motion. - Victoria Police News

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  11. Great!!!

    When does the 'target drivers using mobile phones' come into force??
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  12. If it was VP in the old days it would have been policing by bullet.
    OK, I'll get off the turps now and let bygones be bygones.
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  13. I'm concerned about the overarching statement that 24 of the 28 casualties were caused by rider error.
    There are certainly some that were - we can't deny that. Most of the unlicensed were clearly at error, and some others too.

    But there were a significant number - more than four, IMO - that were inexplicable or driver error.
    More than error, in their interviews they seem to be implying that the attitude of the rider has caused all 24. It's concerning that they are so much to poor rider attitude when mostly it's just unknown.

    This is a significant move away from the 'share the road' message they were using in Feb and March.
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  14. I saw 7 of them this morning on the Westgate Freeway.

    2 bikes stopping a car, and 5 of them sitting in the middle of the Freeway just at the Deer Park turn off.

    I filtered right past them.
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  15. Titus, our police crash investigation team is so paid off and corrupted by political agenda a rider doing 85 on a 80km/h road will be 'at fault' if car blindly cuts across 4 lanes collecting the motorcycle in the process...all because he was speeding and speeding kills
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  16. Sadly, motorcyclists are an easy target for law enforcement agencies 'to be seen to be doing something'. It has always been this way and will continue to be this way.

    However, that isn't to say we should just accept it. It is now up to our (your) advocacy group(s) to do their jobs. And no, I don't mean organising protests. Unless everyone in attendance is prepared to be tazered/pepper sprayed and carted of in the back of the divvy van then protests are next to worthless.
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  17. I'm picking the Husky's they say are for us will actually be used to filter through traffic busting mobile phone users at traffic lights LL. It's absolutely rife..

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