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VIC Operation HALO 2013 results

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Operation HALO results are in. This operation was about VRU safety.

    3/4 of all offences were passenger vehicle or similar related.

    This time cyclists were better behaved than motorcyclists (I think that might be due to the pinging cyclists got last time) recording 7% of offences versus 10% of offences. I'm surprised peds didn't feature more strongly.

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    Operation Halo nets 1950 traffic offences

    Wednesday, 27 February 2013 12:51

    Police detected more than 1900 offences during a four day operation aimed at reducing road trauma involving cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

    Uniform members joined the State Highway Patrol and Bicycle Patrol Unit to target hotspots in the Melbourne, Yarra, Boroondara, Stonnington and Port Phillip Police Service Areas (PSA).

    Police focussed on morning and afternoon peak commuter times when most collisions occur.

    A total of 1950 offences were detected during the operation.

    As part of the highly visible operation, police discovered:

    1475 car and truck offences, including:
    • 431 using a mobile phone while driving
    • 241 disobeying traffic lights and signs
    • 10 failing to give way

    198 motorcycle offences, including:
    • 110 riding in a bicycle lane
    • 6 disobeying traffic lights and signs

    140 bicycle offences, including:
    • 86 failing to wear a helmet
    • 30 disobeying traffic lights and signs
    • 8 riding on a footpath
    • 3 failing to have lights or equipment

    137 pedestrian offences, including:
    • 108 disobeying traffic lights
    • 21 walking improperly on road
    • 2 crossing within 20 metres of pedestrian crossing

    The Bicycle Patrol Unit nabbed 17 motorcyclists in less than an hour for riding in a bicycle lane on Rathdowne Street in Carlton on Friday 22 February.

    Members were out in East Melbourne on Wednesday 20 February when they tried to flag down a car which had gone through a no left turn about 8.45am.

    The vehicle attempted to evade police and turned back into Punt Road and continued driving.

    Two members rode after the vehicle and caught up with the driver at Albert Street.

    He was issued with a fine for fail to obey traffic sign and warned about failing to obey direction from police.

    Shortly after at the same location, a scooter went through the no left turn and again tried to evade police.

    The members rode towards Wellington Parade for about six blocks looking for the driver and caught up with him at some traffic lights.

    He was then issued with a fine.

    Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said police would continue to conduct these types of operations to not only protect vulnerable road users but also raise awareness of road safety and the impacts of distractions.

    “We need pedestrians to look up from their smart phones and be aware of their surroundings, we need motorcyclists to ride with care in heavy traffic, we need cyclists to obey traffic lights and we need drivers to always look for cyclists, motorbikes and pedestrians,” he said.

    “There are more devices and distractions available than ever before and the consequences for vulnerable road users are dire.

    “The new TAC distractions campaign, which launches today, shows how quickly inattention can end in disaster and highlights the dangers of taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds."

    Operation Halo ran from 19 – 22 February.

    Kelly Yates
    Victoria Police Media Unit

    Breakdown of Operation Halo results for each PSA

    Boroondara PSA
    • 0 pedestrian offences
    • 2 bicycle offences
    • 0 motorcycle offences
    • 222 car and truck offences

    Melbourne PSA
    • 104 pedestrian offences
    • 26 bicycle offences
    • 16 motorcycle offences
    • 259 car and truck offences

    Port Phillip PSA
    • 7 pedestrian offences
    • 16 bicycle offences
    • 3 motorcycle offences
    • 90 car and truck offences

    Stonnington PSA
    • 0 pedestrian offences
    • 8 bicycle offences
    • 7 motorcycle offences
    • 46 car and truck offences

    Yarra PSA
    • 3 pedestrian offences
    • 26 bicycle offences
    • 1 motorcycle offences
    • 98 car and truck offences

    State Highway Patrol and Bicycle Patrol Unit
    • 23 pedestrian offences
    • 62 bicycle offences
    • 171 motorcycle offences
    • 760 car and truck offences
  2. A big slap over the wrist for all those riding in a bicycle lane - yeah, that's really dangerous:rolleyes:

    Delete that stat and motorcycle riders look really great.
  3. This is the bit that VP chose to highlight in their news grab for radio :rolleyes:

    I imagine the Bicycle Patrol Unit are feeling pretty heroic right now.
  4. people stopped for bicycle police? teehee
  5. not sure if that's good or bad. there were nearly 7.5 times more offences committed by car drivers than by motorcyclists but I would have thought that there were more than 7.5 times as many cars on the road than motorcyclists - doesn't that make us the bad boys? Or is it all skewed by the fact that they were targetting us?
  6. Interesting that 110 of the MC offenses were riding in a bicycle lane. As far as I understand the legislation we are permitted (as are cages) to be in a bicycle lane within 50m of a corner for the purposes of turning left. Maybe not relevant but I would like to see the locations for comparison.
  7. Supposedly motorcycles only make up about 3% of all registered road vehicles (So, say, 20-30x more cars than bikes?).

    But I wonder what the actual ratio of cars to motorcycles and scooters for commuting. I imagine a decent percentage of bikes and scooters are used for CBD commuting, while relatively few cars (as a percentage of all cars) are used for the CBD commute.
  8. 1475 car and truck offences, including:
    • 431 using a mobile phone while driving
    • 241 disobeying traffic lights and signs
    • 10 failing to give way

    So that's 251 opportunities for a motorcyclist, pedestrian or push bike rider to be killed. And they (along with TAC) have the nerve to target us.
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  9. Speaking for the location quoted in Carlton, they were in Rathdowne St about 50m before the intersection with Princes St. Any they got there would have been just about indisputable. Most appeared to be scooters BTW (the little devils ;) )
    (No I didn't get pinged)
  10. its interesting that it looks like the bycicle police had completely different figures on motorcycles than every other cop..... they also seem to get less push bike riders.

  11. If they were out to get cyclists they would have been AT the intersection, not before it. But to be honest they probably did that at other times.
    What I'm not seeing is figures reflecting the rising number of cyclists travelling down the wrong side of the road around here.
  12. It is really in our own interest to make this distinction. As long as the propaganda refers to 'motorcyclists' instead of PTW riders then we need to get the message out that it isn't all about us.

    I'm sure that the statisticians who put it together haven't differentiated, unfortunately.
  13. Given the incredibly low incidence of bicycle/motorcycle collisions over the past five years **(max of a dozen or so) and also given the blame is about 50/50 with bugger all happening in bicycle lanes it would appear that it has nothing to do with safety.

    Based on the VicRoads crashstats database.
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