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VIC Operation Dragnet

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, May 10, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/mo...r-outlaw-drivers/story-fn7x8me2-1226052900170

    THOUSANDS of banned drivers and death-trap vehicles have been detected in a police dragnet using cameras that automatically recognise number plates.

    Figures released to the Herald Sun reveal the latest road safety technology is helping police rid the roads of unlawful drivers and cars at the rate of 55 per day of operation.

    Police armed with the new hi-tech devices have snared more than 2300 illegal drivers and more than 2200 unregistered vehicles out on the roads in their first 662 hours of operation.
    Capable of scanning 2600 number plates an hour, ANPR cameras are also expected to deliver millions of dollars in new fine revenue.

    Fines totalling more than $840,000 have already been issued from just two ANPR machines, and eight more are due to hit the roads in the coming months.

    "We aim to make the road safer for all road users by targeting these people and removing them from our roads. (not working so far!)

    "This allows regular motorists who do the right thing to travel along safely and uninterrupted." (Har Har!)

    Checks on 274,438 vehicles to date have nabbed 1063 unlicensed drivers and 1279 drivers whose licence had been disqualified, cancelled or suspended - a catch rate of more than 3.5 an hour.

    The cameras have also detected 2213 unregistered vehicles, eight stolen vehicles, 19 stolen number plates, and hundreds of unpaid fines.

    These are scary scary numbers. Was actually surprised they released this info as it just goes to show how shte the situation is!


  2. of those 2300 illegal drivers I wonder how many of those are from accumulated lost points for speedo creep? How many of those illegal drivers have little option but continue to drive in order to save their livelihood or live in an area with fukall transport?
  3. I was one of those unregistered people... it will cost u $597... long story short I should be ok...
  4. Not too much sympathy if you get caught with an unrego'ed car/bike (assuming it's not because the RTA/VicRoads etc has ****ed up as happened to my mate!)
  5. No doubt I'd prob keep riding/driving too if i'd been done, the chances of getting caught are minimal, they can only fine you..again....and agian. Cant send all 5500 people to the big house now can they.
    Just suprised with the numbers and if you dont have fully comp insurance then you are well and truly up the creek
    The article just emphasizes how inept the law is
  6. If people can't afford rego how are they going to afford a fine close to $1000.00

    Unfortunately I think it's a sign of the times, up here in Brisbane we have been hearing of multiple robberies nearly every night. Rising costs are driving people to do things they wouldn't usually do, including driving a unregod car or having to drive while suspended so they can survive.
    The Police and do gooders will say "It's no excuse to break the law" but really when wages aren't going up, (especially for the lower income jobs) but food, utilities and petrol continue to sky rocket there is only one outcome guaranteed.
  7. i've seen the anpr vans being used in conjunction with booze bus stops, they ave all been forward facing that i have seen.
  8. note to self :
    remove number plate and ride much faster.
  9. that's what it will come to eventually.
    none of those people were on the roads for the thrill of breaking the law.
    they had to drive to survive, earn money, feed the family.
    so eventually the only option for people in that position will be to take the plates off.
    and good luck policing that with cameras alone.
    and good luck catching me, considering my incentive is to put food on the table to feed the kids.
    before you can say "pass me a donut constabl...." i"ll be in the next suburb
  10. exactly =D>
  11. If your ability to drive is so essential to your livelihood, don't drive in a manner that causes you to lose your licence.

    I don't buy the speedo creep story - if it's just speedo creep, you're talking about being over the limit by less than 10km/h - you have to do that 13 times to lose your licence. If you haven't figured out that you should drive 2-3km/h slower than you normally do by then, there's not much hope for you.
  12. Do you live in the really world bro?

    I've tried (and failed) to see if I can go 3-4kmph below the posted limit but realize that self preservation is a wee bit more important than adhering to some of the ludicrous speed limits.

    With all the sneaky camera cars/cameras about (often in low accident but high volume areas) I believe it is more than possible to go above the limit just enough to slowly slowly slowly loose your licence. Esp if you have to do alot of riding.
  13. I hate some of the tactics and the revenue raising + nanny state + tight speed limit's, but getting unregistered / disqualified people off the road is generally a good thing, i reckon the majority deserved to lose their license + not sorting rego, well thats asking for it. I had 2 friends busted during this operation, and they are catching the train now. Both couldnt drive for **** + no regard for most road laws.

    Ive been pinged for unregistered + unlicensed in the past and it was tough, but it was cause i was being an idiot also. Im still a nutter sometimes, and will no doubt cop some more fines in my time, you just have to keep an eye out & try be smarter.
  14. Over three years or less. 13 speeding errors in 3 years.

    If you're a professional driver, working 48 out of 52 weeks, that's 720 days worth of driving, so you only need to make 1 speed error per 55.38 days (or 1 error per 1329 hours) to lose your license.

    (Edit: 1 error per 440 hours of driving, actually...)

    That's excluding weekend & leisure driving.

    How many people drive to that standard?

    None, that's how many. We're lucky is all.
  15. As noted in another thread, I've been known to eat out of bins. My vehicles, however, have always had scrupulously legal paperwork. I have no sympathy.

    That's 13 speed errors that are detected. I know about the situation in Vic but I still don't buy that you will be pinged every time you creep over the limit.

    IMHO most people are way too casual about accumulating points until it's too late.
  16. Now I'm just as against revenue raising as the next bloke, but...I think these cameras are a good thing if they are being used to pull over the drivers they detect so that they are prevented from driving ASAP. If it is just posting out fines, well then I'm less enthused by the idea.

    If a person has made a conscious decision to not register their car or to continue to drive unlicensed, well tough titties to them when they get fined or lose access to their car. I've had some long periods of unemployment where it was a struggle to pay my bills, but I prioritised and saved what I could. I even went without a car for about 3 years and road my pushie and caught public transport due to having no money. It was a hard slog, but I did it to survive.
  17. That is the biggest conjob swallowed by the sheeple.
  18. Are you driving when you shouldn't be Fitty? Are you telling as that in a 3 year period you have never crept over the posted speed limit 12 or more times? That's just ONCE every 3 months? Ever rolled into a lower speed zone and slowed down to the speed after the sign post? Or are you actually argueing that you've never been caught doing so? Does that make you a more dangerous driver because you've not been punished so you're getting away with such dangerous behaviour?

  19. How'd you feed your family and get the groceries into the panty on a pushie?
  20. Merely a theoretical exercise to illustrate how easy it is to lose one's license :)