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Operating on a Suzuki Across (opening the thing up)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, May 29, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to get to the carbs today, got the bike couple days ago, dont have a manual, want to open the bike up to get to the carbs.

    Ive removed to two bolts that fix the fake tank/glove box to the frame, seat is off, but the damn thing doesnt open, do I have to remove the fairing? dont want to do that

    another question, the brake fluid is on the low mark, want to top it up, can i just put any dot4 fluid and One of the screws on the resovior is rounded and the phillip driver just spins and makes it rounder, how the fcuk do I get it out, dont want to drill it out might contaminate the fluid
  2. You mean the 2 bolts on the outside/front of the boot? There are also 2 more bolts on the inside of the boot. Take the liner out and all will be revealed ;)
  3. Any DOT4 fluid will be fine, but far better off to replace all the fluid in the system rather than simply topping up since a lot of the crap will tend to settle to the bottom. Besides it's something that needs to be done at least every 2 years anyway.
    Incidentally the workshop manual for the Across is pretty easy to find on the net as a .pdf. Try looking at some of the links in the workshop manual thread.
    As for the stubborn bolt there's lots of tricks people use for those, none of which work very well though. Might be worth investing in a proper screw extractor.
  4. Is that it, just the 4 bolts, the 2 on top close to the handle bars/frame and 2 in the glove box under the liner??

    so none of the outside fairing bolts need to be removed?

    Also how do you get to the oil filler without removing the fairing, and havnt looked yet but is it easy to get to the oil drain plug?
  5. there is also 2 side bolts on the fairing that need to be removed aswell mate. you will need an allen key for this. it should be obvious which ones when u have a look.

    they just open her up. and your carbies are there
  6. Use any Dot4 and you may need an easy out to get the screw out.

    There can be up to 6 bolts holding the trunk down.
    2 behind the triple clamp,
    2 through the fairing at the lowest point of the trunk and
    2 inside (usually absent).
    No fairings need to be removed, just the bolts mentioned.

    The oil filler is behind a small removable panel and you will need a special funnel to get in there without removing the entire side fairing. I made something dodgy by hacking up a 600ml drink bottle.
  7. From memory, I don't think you need to remove fairing. Been a couple of years since my Across went to the bike graveyard.
    Hmmmm, on saying that, you may have to remove the side fairings.
    Check out the yahoo groups, there is an Across group which has lots of info. It also has a copy of the manual in their files section.
  8. thanx guys for the help, I downloaded that pdf manual, but there are missing pages, and guess what, the parts I need are not there, and all the stuff i dont are, is there a complete manual download for free?? not the edited version I have that doesnt say anything about basic mainteneance like oil changes etc
  9. For the basic stuff you'll need the owners manual that came with the bike, not the workshop manual.
  10. Yea, wish I had that too

    didnt buy new and didnt get anything with the bike
  11. You sometimes see them for sale on eBay.
    Though better to just find someone who has one and photocopy/scan it.