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Opens = new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jrock, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. So I'm about to get my open license after loving a year of lots of learning and lots of riding my DRZ400 Motard.

    I ride it to work every day and get out most weekends but being a single cylinder and me being 6"4 and 100kg it's not the most ideal machine for longer rides although it's seriously fun through anything twisty.

    I'm researching at the moment and keen to get on something bigger that will still be a good commuter but will be more comfortable on longer rides. I'm partial to the naked street fighter style but often when I sit on them they feel a bit cramped. Guess it'll be down to me taking one for a ride when I can.

    I'm currently eyeing off an FZ8N or an FZ6N if the budget won't cope with the bigger bike.

    Anyone out there of similar size ride one of these and any suggestions on an alternative?

  2. make sure you test ride a Triumph Street Triple and Speed Triple. They aren't for me, but they're great bikes.
  3. Got my open licence last Friday bought a street triple Saturday. ^^^ test ride the Triple.
  4. if the budget can stretch then try and find a ktm superduke. such a hooligan bike
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  5. I'd love a Speed Triple and will definintely own one at some stage but not sure if I'm going to have the coin to get one this time around.

    I absolutely love the Super Duke as well but again probably out of my price range.

    Might have to hang onto the Motard for a while longer and save those pennies!
  6. Am i the only one who started saving for my next bike the week after my first =P 8-[8-[8-[8-[
  7. ^ LOL nope, i am eyeing off the ducatti 848, or triumph daytona 675. got my full licence (with restrictions for 12 months) 3 weeks ago, saving, earning more cash etc, cant wait
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  8. ^^ I did the same....there was no way I was coming off my restrictions without the funds to upgrade (which I did so 5 weeks before my restrictions ended.....shhhhh ;))

  9. Similar bikes to me, although i'd love a 50th anniversary R1, but $22,000 ](*,) :nopity:
  10. I'm still on my L's and want a Daytona 675.
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  11. Get an LC4. plenty of power to make highways a breeze plus its still a supermoto
  12. I went...
    250 Spada -> 650 Sachs Roadster -> FZ6n -> 990 Super Duke

    Don't underestimate how much fun you can have on the FZ6n!
  13. ^i like the blue reflective stand base especially, that must have cost alot to mod ;)