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Opening Links from Emails

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by BacaThomo, May 19, 2007.

  1. On my home PC I cant open links contained in Emails. A new Explorer window opens but nothing else happens in it.
    Is there a setting I need to change to allow them to open?

  2. change to thunderbird for email, and firefox for browser ;) Open Source for Life!!!

    other than that, check that your explorer is set to 'online' and check your outlook security settings.
  3. I use Outlook Express and IE because thats what I use at work and I get confused easily so I only use them :LOL:
  4. your popup blocker is blocking them
  5. Nope, the pop up blocker is off
  6. Try coping and pasting the link into the address bar
  7. Are attachments also blocked? If so, click on "tools" then "options", and then select "security". Once there remove the appropriate "tick".....

    Hope that sorts out your problem.....cheers :)
  8. Still nothing, works fine at work just not at home
  9. In outlook express click on Tools then options and select the security tab up the top. Is internet zone or restricted site zone selected?

    Also can you copy and paste the links into the address bar in internet explorer? You can right-click on links and select propeties, then copy and paste the site from that is it doesn't show the full address.
  10. micorsoft rears its ugle head again.....

    I'm getting really pi$$ed of with their stuff this week.

    3 cases of identical situation to described above.........twiddled and tweaked and got it working....no idea what setting finally made it work sorry.

    1 update that crashes PC when looking for new updates. Downloaded another update to fix it.....which insists on checking for updates before installing.......anyone see the problem.

    and finally the piece de resintance....... Server 2008 Beta, decided to download it for a look. Went throught the login and select which version i want, get the license key, and finally get to a screen with the download button on it.....only to discover the all i get is a Server can't be found message :evil:


    and i'ts only Wenesday morning :(

    erm rant over

    +1 for Firefox and Thunderbird. I use IE/Outbreak at work due to client applications requiring them for interface needs...... but i never touch them at home unless i absolutelty have to.....like dealing with MS websites
  11. is thunderbird worth changing to??

    my bosses laptop often has problems with outlook. i never have had any though.
  12. As opposed to MS Outbreak? YES!!
  13. Absolutely - unless you need your email client to access an Exchange server. Stick with Outlook if this is the case, but if you are using any other IMAP or POP3 based email server, Thunderbird is da bomb!
  14. Ummm, sorta...the only real reason to change is if you want a mail client that actually just works :grin:

    I used to hate outlook depress and outlook, well, i'm not too smart and cant get sunbird to talk to my dopod so I stick with Outlook for PIM sync.

    Otherwise, I've been using Thunderbird since........oohhh it's been too long, cant remember :p
  15. Doesnt make a difference, Internet or restricted.
    I can copy and paste links but Im lazy :LOL: