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Opening Can'O'Worms. Your favourite browser?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lectre, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Internet Explorer 7

  2. Older Internet Explorer (pre v.7)

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  3. Mozilla Firefox

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  4. Opera

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  5. Maxthon

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  6. Safari (didn't want to forget our Mac friends!)

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  1. hey all.
    I thought it could be an interesting poll question, especially for those members of the forum who aren't particularly internet savvy.

    I myself use Opera and refuse to use anything else (unless some dumb-a$$ website enforces i use firefox or IE).
    Mouse gestures, multi-tab browsing, a popup blocker that works... also you can choose how you want Opera to identify itself (you can tell it to identify itself as Opera, or Internet Exploder, or mozilla). It also renders faster (IMHO) than most browsers...

    Looking forward to some no doubt heated exchanges!!
  2. IE 6 with AM Browser tabbed plug-in

    Never get weird fonts, or have a page fail to display as the writer intended.

    Both a free and I don't like cluttering my system up with duplicate programmes of what I've already got..
  3. Whatever thae latest version of IE is, i've never had probs with any of the IE versions.

    But then again i dont know any better i guess :?
  4. I've selected firefox cos it's my default browser but I use IE6 and IE7 aside from that ;)
  5. firefox at home, IE at work, whatever else happens to be on the puter i'm using at the time.....
  6. I use Firefox. [​IMG]
  7. I was one of the people who stuck with netscape untill the first mozella release where it slowed down and became a complete spud to use.

    I then moved over to IE and have used that ever since...
    IE 7... Hmmm It has followed the normal Microsoft model and copied everyone elses "good" ideas. personaly i am not a fan of tab browsing, I use alt tab almost like a nervos twitch, so tabbed browsing is a bit of a P in the A.

    The Irony of this being I didn't look at fire fox because of tabbed browsing, and so now that MS is raming it down our collective throats I may as well give FF a go

    It is interesting to read that some "popup blockers" "work" I'll have to see how they behave. They are both a bane and a blessing in the way they stop things popping up including the things you want to make pop up...
  8. The topic and the poll are different questions. My favorite browser? Lynx. What do I use? Whatever happens to be available.
  9. i use firefox just because i prefer it i suppose, and i installed it at work because i have a LOT of passwords that IE, even upon telling it to remember, doesnt remember. IE 7 just weirds me out a bit. I like the neat simple appearance of firefox.
  10. Firefox with the NoScript and Cookie Safe plugins.

    Shits all over IE in every single way.
  11. I use Firefox, Safari... Anything but IE unless I absolutely have to.
  12. IE at work, Firefox at home.

    Now...is Chairman going to tell us about the Lynx Effect? :LOL:
  13. IE at work and when using Windows (most of the time)
    Mozilla when using an old and stable Debian/KDE OS. Should use it more often....... :grin:
  14. If it's the same text-based Lynx i used to use on Unix machines about 10 yrs ago... it's darn nice to use....and fast of course.

    i use Firefox at home,......though work insists on IE
  15. I tend to use Firefox on Doze, Firefox on Linux and Camino on OSX.

    IE Tab lets me avoid using IE in Doze in most cases.