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Open your eyes!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by raven, May 11, 2011.

  1. No biggie, just venting, to the hesitant wandering nitwit, that sucks riders into thinking that a sudden out of the blue lane change, is not likely to come from them - open your fekking eyes!!
    The only reason you did'nt get smashed was because "I" was awake enough for both of us ( but still half asleep) and had room in the gutter to stop when you just suddenly dived into the left lane, and nearly took the front wheel out from under me! #*##*+!! Twat!!

  2. i'm going to make one of those little pin dolls, and shove pins in it each time some nimwit does shit like this, and think solely of them, and hopefully my awesome and fully sick, and totally seriously serious witching skills might work... maybe
  3. But you have to promise not to make raven doll
    I already jump around and scream spontaneously for no apparant reason...
  4. What sort of bike was it Raven?

    (Please don't say 'black KLR650')

  5. Even open eyes are useless if you don't use them....
  6. Don't worry it was a little 4cyl car. I honestly, maybe fortunately <grin>, have never come across a bike rider THAT idiotic. :)
  7. Drivers? Look? Bwahahahah... ok I get it!
  8. Glad to hear you're alright mate !
    Having never done so, my mind strangely wonders more and more toward the idea of kicking in a car door or mirror with some of the idiotic, selfish, stupid behaviour I see on the roads lately.
    Will never preach like I am perfect, but I do pride myself in 'using my head' and riding/driving safely and responsibly. So, I guess upon finishing martial arts many years ago, I made an oath I'd never ever kick anything again in future...apart from myself from doing something stupid !
  9. You havent lived Mate, Hahahahahahaha
    I have, There out there, Hahahahaha
  10. Bloody hell. You just got that bike back.
    And the powers that be wonder why we want to take our baffles out. Sheeezuz
  11. screw them, bike needs to be loud. it's your skin not theirs.
    awful conditions in Melb today and had two serious retards, one indicating right then moving into the left lane in front of me, and one dumbass tailgating me on the way home. passed two cars that had crashed on the way home too, both into trees on downhill corners ... really shit conditions, cold tyres anything can happen.
  12. Sure mate. I could have lashed out, but i was being put to the test, so was busy doing my part. Proactively riding the bike, and aiming for an escape route.
    And the fact is...she never saw me, so how could i have expected her to do something, when to her, nothing had happened.

    I just continued on unruffled... as did she, blissfully unaware...

    Had i acted out in anger and kicked a mirror off or the side of her car, after i caught back up to her....what does everyone see?

    Yeah...some total arsehole on a bike intimidating this defenceless woman, kicking her car etc....not an image that i enjoy poeple to have off me. :cool:
  13. John, sorry mate.. I wasn't implying you acted out of character or inappropriately. Apologies for the misunderstanding. On the contrary, my comment or more so a thought, 'bad example' at that (and one I'd never do - I'd rather hit someone square in the face if they did something life-threatening to me/those around me on purpose, after we stopped).
    Very true about the example we'd give (and some do :( ) should we all go out and kick a door/mirror in.
    Highly inappropriate.
    Glad you're ok mate (y)
  14. But if she continued on her way blissfully unaware of what her stupidty nearly did, the next rider may not be so lucky.

  15. No, no, Nick... No worries mate. Your post and my response were 'in-sync'.

    I was'nt responding to you specifically mate, but using your post as a springboard to launch a message to everyone who might be reading, that trying to enlighten drivers, after the fact, in most cases does nothing or is (can be) mis-interpreted, as an attack, instead of a response, and we win no sympathy or even empathy, from on-lookers.

    If you manage to avoid being hurt, and it was clearly driver stupidity, and not a purposeful attempt to take you out, then drop it! IMMEDIATELY.... because you are still riding along on your bike and need to keep focused on THAT!, looking out for the next challenge to your skills. :))

    Don't worry Nick. All's well, mate :)
  16. The way i look at it Mick is that THAT next rider, should be alert and skillful enough to avoid her lack of awareness. Although, that can be unrealistic sometimes ( L plater for instance)

    We can't train drivers 'in the field', ourselves. That awareness has to come from training at the time of licencing and awareness campaigns etc.

    Not that we need to remain completely passive. We must defend ourselves and be free to "have words" when possible. :)
    I'm only saying that it's useless 'after the fact', and while it's happening, we should be busy saving our own arses, mate :)
  17. Thanks mate. Typical internet - things can so easily be misunderstood.
    Or it was simply a case of my 'brain not being in a service area' at the time.

  18. Agree that 'awareness' has to come from training at the time of licencing etc. However, I'm also believe that at times the best time to stop an undesirable act becoming an undesirable habit is immediately the act is commited.

    I also know that some people are like computers, sometimes you're left with no option than to punch the information in.
  19. Double post
  20. Gold.